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Mizzou Links, 10-3-08

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Jeremy Maclin: frightening.

In the Tigers’ last game, a 42-21 victory over Buffalo on Sept. 20, Maclin returned just one of UB’s seven punts and two of five kickoffs. The Bulls blooped or bounced their kickoffs toward Maclin’s blockers, essentially sacrificing field position to Missouri’s potent offense rather than risk another Maclin highlight clip.

It’s like choosing the gas chamber over the electric chair.

"We’re seeing more of that, and that affects your stats a little bit," said Gary Pinkel, whose No. 4 Tigers (4-0) begin Big 12 Conference play Saturday night at Nebraska (3-1). "It’s still about field position. … Statistics aren’t going to show well, and we’re a little frustrated because we’re driven that way and want to be successful."

Once again, Mizzou players (and coaches) litter the Rivals power rankings.  They officially have the #1 QB, #1 TE, #1 LB, #1 offensive coordinator, #2 special teamer, #4 WR (Below Jarrett Dillard??), #4 DB, #7 head coach, #10 defensive coordinator, #19 O-lineman, and #21 RB.

Nebraska Links!

Dave Matter chats with the Omaha World-Herald's Tom Shatel about this weekend.

• BTS: Can it be restored to the level where Osborne had it in the 1980s and ’90s or has the landscape of college football changed too much for another dynasty to re-emerge?

• Shatel: Depends on what Osborne level you mean. If you mean ’90s, three national titles and two straight undefeated seasons, no way, no how. If you mean ’80s, as in win nine games a year and play for the league title every year, that's pretty tall, also. Very few do that anymore. USC. Oklahoma. Texas. Florida, LSU, Ohio State. Nebraska is four or five years from even thinking about that.

You know, Dave, every dynasty goes through this. USC from 1981-2000. Oklahoma, from 1989-99. Texas, from 1983-98. Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan and now Miami and Florida State — neither of whom have an excuse. Dynasties get tired, they make sloppy hires, they make mistakes. Some get back up, some do not. You have to hire the right guy. I think Nebraska has that guy.

Ivan Maisel previews the conference cannibalism ahead for Big 12 teams..

Bring on the hate, Big Head...

Finally, one more look at the '78 Mizzou-Nebraska game.  Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes...