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Mizzou Links, 10-31-08

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So Rivals really likes the rising draft prospects of two Mizzou defensive linemen--Stryker "Perfect as an OLB in a 3-4" Sulak and Ziggy "Disruptive off the snap" Hood.  Nice to see.

Here's a VERY nice KC Star article on the greatness of Chase & Chase.  Meanwhile, William Moore's got a back story we haven't heard much about before.  The P-D's Vahe Gregorian uses his skills for good and digs in deep with Willy Mo.


It's Cut to the...Spoon?

BTS: You almost played for Baylor Coach Art Briles when he was at Houston. What did you like about him?

Weatherspoon: He’s a pretty cool guy. I’m not sure how many of those guys he brought from his Houston staff, but we had a great relationship. I really liked Art Briles because he was just excited all the time. Just an effervescent kind of guy.

BTS: Did you figure he was a good fit for Baylor?

Weatherspoon: Well, I didn’t know they’d be this good offensively this fast, but it’s working pretty good for him right now.

Baylor Links!

The Trib's your place for basketball Black & Gold Game coverage.  First, there's a nice Steve Walentik article.'s B&G video!

Black & Gold Game from Columbia Tribune Sports on Vimeo.

And if that wasn't enough basketball talk for you, the Missourian has a nice article on a freshman who didn't score a bazillion points on Wednesday night--Kimmie English.

Screw KU.

Finally...need recruiting news?  First, read this Michael Snaer article,  Next, read The Chamber.  That should do for the weekend.