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Live Thread: Missouri at Nebraska

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Mizzou Gameday in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Who: No. 4 Missouri Tigers (4-0, 0-0) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-1, 0-0)
Where: Memorial Stadium (Capacity 81,067)
When: 8:10 p.m. CDT
Line: Mizzou by 10.5




Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike "To The House" Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: ESPN HD (Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman, Rob Stone)
Weather: Hourly Forecast
Online trackers: CSTVESPN
Nebraska Online: Corn Nation

Make Rock M Nation your base of operations tonight and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations by signing up for a free account. Does the drought in Lincoln continue, or does Mizzou prove Vegas and the rest of the world right tonight against the Huskers? Big 12 play starts up, and to quote Saliva:

"Now has come the day that I take the lead and make you follow."

Fight Tigers... Rock, Flag and Eagle!


Next Game

Missouri Tigers
@ Nebraska Cornhuskers

Saturday, Oct 4, 2008, 8:00 PM CDT
Memorial Stadium

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8:01 - Belly full of chicken & dumplings, it's time to...cue up ESPN 360.  The second half of the Vandy-Auburn game has lasted 5 hours.  ESPN is telling me the game is airing on ESPN classic, which is great unless you have Mediacom.  Coverage has apparently started, but 360 still says "coming soon."  I'm getting angry.

8:04 - Another timeout in the damn Vandy-Auburn game.  2:32 left.  Very angry.

8:04 - Timeout Auburn with 2:26 left.  Must.  Control.  Growing.  Rage.

8:05 - Rage temporarily subsides watching Vandy unleash one of the greatest punts I've ever seen.  Downed at the one.  Auburn will be turning it over soon enough, and Vandy can run out the clock.  Meanwhile, 360 still says "Missouri vs Nebraska: Coming Soon!"

8:06 - First play after the punt: Auburn turns it over.  I'm good.  But still angry.

8:08 - Victory formation for Vandy!  Mizzou game coming on soon!!

8:09 - That's one half-assed field rush by the Vandy fans.  Damn smart kids.

8:12 - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...WE'RE LOOKING LIVE AT MEMORIAL STADIUM!!  Rage subsides.  Kickoff time, and Maclin gets the ball past the 35.  Wooooo...

8:14 - Four yards for Derrick Washington, and it's 3rd-and-6 for Mizzou.  First three-and-out of the season?

8:14 - God, I love this offense.  NU blitzes, Chase dumps it to Maclin, Maclin makes one move and jogs 58 yards for a TD.  Sweet merciful crap.  7-0, 14:01 remaining in Q1.

8:16 - So...does that count as a three-and-out?

8:17 - Wolfert's kickoff goes out of bounds.  Boo.  NU will start at its 40.  Whatchu got, Nebraska?  You going to start with trick plays, or save them for a while?

8:18 - A couple short runs for Marlon Lucky, and it's 3rd-and-4 for Nebraska. 

8:19 - Todd Peterson gets four yards and nothing more after getting stuck hard by William Moore.  First down for NU.

8:20 - 27-yard pass to Roy Helu.  Burned on the play: Castine Bridges.  Credit to Ganz, though, for buying time.

8:22 - Two more short runs, and it's 3rd-and-9 for NU.  First passing down of the game for NU.  Let's go, boys.

8:23 - TD, Nate Swift.  Burned on the play (somewhat): Justin Garrett.  Ganz is doing a good job of buying just enough time to get the throw off before getting crushed.  7-7, 9:55 left.

8:27 - Daniel and Tommy Saunders are dancing on the sideline while awaiting the kickoff.  I love this team.  Meanwhile, Ganz talked smack to 'Spoon after the TD.  With 55 minutes left in the game, I'd say that's a bad idea.

8:28 - Huge hole for Derrick Washington, and Mizzou's in business once again.  Seriously, I'd have gained 10 yards on that play.  NU's Ricky Thenarse is hurt on the play.

8:30 - Daniel completes a 10-yard pass to Saunders, and NU gets a helmet-to-helmet penalty, Potter cracking Daniel.  Mizzou to the NU 40.

8:32 - Washington with a juggling catch on a screen, and Mizzou's got first down on the NU 25.

8:33 - No gain for Jimmy Jackson, and we've got a 3rd-and-3.

8:34 - Pass interference as Danario Alexander catches a fade route out of bounds.  First and goal for Mizzou.

8:35 - TD, Derrick Washington.  #10 on the season.  The crowd's into it thanks to some chippiness and their, ahem, disagreement with the pass interference call.  Mizzou's up 14-7.

8:39 - Nice coverage on a kickoff into the wind, and NU will start at their 25.

8:40 - Joe Ganz in the pocket: uncomfortable.  Joe Ganz rolling out of the pocket: stud.  9-yard pass to Todd Peterson.

8:41 - Brian Coulter bites MASSIVELY on a play-fake, and Ganz completes another rollout pass.

8:43 - Nice run defense, and NU has a 3rd-and-7.  Here's a hint: WATCH THE ROLLOUT.

8:43 - No pass rush whatsoever, and Ganz completes a short pass to Swift for a first down.  He's 6-for-6 for 93 yards.  D-line needs to step up here--they're just as culpable as the DBs.

8:47 - We're back from an NU timeout (thanks for letting us catch our breath, guys!), and Ganz scrambles for about 30 seconds before William Moore corrals him and Tommy Chavis gets the sack!  That sets up a 3rd-and-14.

8:48 - Jaron Baston with the sack, and NU will have to punt!  I'd say that's the "stepping up" I was referring to.

8:50 - Maclin with the fair catch at the 10.  Mizzou ball.

8:51 - Tough run for Washington, and Mizzou's got a 3rd-and-2 as the quarter runs out.

8:54 - God, Olive Garden commercials are so cheesy.  Yes, I realize that's like saying "water is wet" or "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the greatest show on TV"--it's obvious, and it goes without saying--but I said it anyway.

8:55 - Alright, here we go...first play of Q2...three-and-out for Mizzou?  Not so much.  Easy pass to Maclin for a first down.

8:58 - Mizzou: 2nd in the nation in scoring, 115th in the nation in time of possession.  So...why do we keep monitoring TOP as a relevant stat?

8:59 - The wind catches Daniel's long ball to Alexander a smidge, and it falls incomplete.  Third-and-7 for Mizzou from the MU 46.  NU calls its second timeout of the half.

9:02 - Man, that was easy.  NU blitzes, and Daniel goes to Coffman for 20 yards.  First down.

9:03 - Nice defense + a stupid inside screen pass = 3rd-and-10 for Mizzou from the NU 30.

9:04 - Coverage sack, and we'll see Jeff Wolfert come in for a 48-yard FG.

9:05 - Absolutely perfect kick by Wolfert.  17-7 Mizzou.  I hope Brian Hoffer's got our next kicker ready to go for next year when Wolfert's gone.

9:10 - Bad pass on 1st down, dropped pass on 2nd down, and NU's got 3rd-and-8 very quickly.

9:10 - I've seen this episode before.  Tremane Vaughns and Justin Garrett combine to leave a large hole in the zone.  First down, NU.

9:12 - Two more nothing plays, and it's another 3rd-and-8 for NU.  Nice pressure by Ziggy Hood, and Ganz has to throw the ball away.  NU to punt!

9:13 - Another fair catch, and Mizzou will start at their 25.

9:14 - Nice defense by NU on a long ball, and NU's bitching about wanting pass interference.  Please.  Whine a little more.

9:15 - Sean McDonough continues to say "Will THIS be Mizzou's first three-and-out of the season? ... No."

9:15 - Diving catch by the Flying Nunchuk.  Three things I know to be true: 1) Mizzou has the best QB in the country; 2) Mizzou has the best tight end in the country; 3) Mizzou has the best kicker in the country.

9:16 - So...we haven't seen Derrick Washington since the last play of Q1, when he came off the field gimpy.

9:17 - Nevermind.  Washington with a fantastic 16-yard run.  First-and-goal Mizzou.

9:18 - Overload to the left, reverse to the right.  Perfectly set up, but Maclin doesn't quite get in.  Third-and-goal from the 1, and Nebraska uses its last timeout of the half.  4:14 left in Q2, and Mizzou's current drive has lasted almost 4 minutes.  I didn't know Mizzou was allowed to hold the ball that long.

9:22 - Alright, here we go.  Pound it in there, boys.

(That's what she said.)

9:22 - TD, Jimmy Jackson!  Second effort gets him in, and it's 24-7 with 4:08 left in Q2.  Awesome.

9:25 - After a touchback and a false start, it's 1st-and-15 for NU.  They do NOT want to go three-and-out here.

9:26 - Stryker Sulak with an awesome run stuff, and it's 2nd-and-16.  Another short run, and it's 3rd-and-14 with 3:10 left.  Timeout, Mizzou.  HUGE play right here.  They've got the dagger in their hand...

9:30 - DAGGER.  Brock Christopher with a pick six.  Saw that coming a mile away.  31-7 Mizzou.  I startled the crap out of my wife with the loud clap I unleashed.

9:31 - I can't say how awesome it is being able to hear the M-I-Z, Z-O-U chant on TV.  Words cannot describe.

9:34 - Two nothing plays, and it's 3rd-and-long for NU with 2:00 left.  Wow...a stop here, and this could get REALLY embarrassing.

9:34 - Complete to Peterson for a first down.  Actually, a couple good plays, and NU could squeeze in a score before half.  YOU SHOULD HAVE DOWNED THE BALL, BROCK!

9:35 - Two nice passes, and Nebraska's almost in the redzone.  Mizzou fell asleep.  Come on, guys.  Timeout, Mizzou.

9:37 - Third-and-3 for NU from the MU 16.  43 seconds left.  Let's not give up a garbage TD here.  Hold them to a FG.

9:38 - Quick pass to Menelik Holt for a first down at the 11.  37 seconds left.

9:39 - Third-and-10 for Nebraska.  Ganz with a terrible dump-off pass by Ganz, and NU's FG unit comes onto the field.  Nice stop after the brief lapse.  Oh yeah, and WATCH THE FAKE.

9:40 - FG good, and it's 31-10 Mizzou, 22 seconds left in the half.

9:43 - Holy crap...a penalty by Nebraska on the kickoff, a quick pass to Maclin, and Mizzou's in NU territory with :11 left.

9:44 - Another quick pass to Maclin, and Wolfert will come on for a 58-yarder with :03 left.  This would be a crappy way to have your first miss in Big 12 play.

9:45 - Wide left.  Oh well.  31-10 at halftime.


10:08 - And we're back...and Nebraska fumbles the kickoff.  Mizzou recovers, but this is going to be reviewed, and I think he was down before he fumbled.  Of course, we've been screwed by replay before, so if they want to give this to us, I'll take it.

10:12 - After a ridiculously long review...he was down.  NU ball.

10:13 - A nice run by Quentin Castille, and it's 3rd-and-2.  NU can do good things with 3rd-and-2 instead of 3rd-and-8.

10:14 - Castille dives for the 1st down...and barely gets it.

10:16 - Nice play by Roy Helu to make something out of nothing on a shovel pass.  That sets up a 3rd-and-7 near midfield.  Nope.  Complete pass to a guy who came in from out of bounds.  That's illegal.  NU to punt.  They killed 5 minutes for us, but didn't actually get anywhere.

10:19 - Awesome.  NU decides not to let Maclin beat Dan Titchener unleashes a 3-yard punt.  Mizzou ball near midfield.

10:23 - Good GOD I love Derrick Washington.  He doesn't look like he's running fast, but guys can never grab him.  11 carries, 95 yards, and first-and-goal for Mizzou.

10:24 - Okay, 12 carries for 93 yards.  Nice play by Nebraska.  2nd-and-goal from the 12.  Pass interference by Phillip Dillard on Chase Coffman, and that'll be a new set of downs.

10:28 - After a timeout, Mizzou once again embarrasses NU's blitz with the easiest inside screen to Washington I've ever seen.  Good god.  38-10.  Handshakes all around.

10:31 - Niles Paul with a nice kick return out to around the 40.  Jeff Wolfert lowered his shoulder and unloaded on the tackle.  I'd rather he not do that.

10:34 - 3rd-and-1 for NU near midfield.  Castille gets stuffed on the over-the-top dive, but he lands on his feet and rounds around the left side for the first down.  Brock Christopher gets a personal foul call (first penalty of the night), and NU's got the ball at the 35 or so.

10:35 - Already 5 minutes left in the third quarter...if NU wants to kill 5 minutes per drive, I'm okay with that.

10:35 - Third-and-3 for NU, and Ganz bootlegs for the first.  NU should have been driving like this in the first half.

10:37 - McDonough just said "This is the offense they wanted in the first half."  I said it first, Sean.

10:38 - Ooh...Christopher almost had another pick six on a perfectly-read jailbreak screen.  Third-and-10.

10:38 - PERFECT defense by William Moore, breaking up a pass in the endzone, but there's a late flag down, and it's probably on Mizzou.

10:38 - HA!  Personal foul on Nebraska.  Takes them out of field goal range.  4th-and-25.  Short pass to Holt, and...yeah, Mizzou ball.  Turnover on downs, 3 minutes left in Q3.  I don't appreciate NU killing Chase's passing numbers by not letting him have the ball.

10:43 - Perfect pass by Daniel to Danario for 20 yards.  Mizzou to midfield.

10:44 - Good lord.  Third-and-1, and Derrick Washington walks in for a 42-yard TD.  That could not have been easier.  45-10 Mizzou, 2:24 left.  Washington with 139 yards on 14 carries.  Oh yeah, and a receiving TD as well.

10:48 - I just got a text that said "Washington for Heisman."  Next year, buddy, next year.

10:49 - Oh good god...Quentin Castille just dove for the first down...and left the ball in the backfield.  Lambert recovers.  Mizzou ball at the NU 26.

10:50 - Hee hee hee.  Chase to Danario.  TD.  52-10.  Mizzou's had the ball about 3 minutes in the 3rd quarter...and outscored NU 21-0.

10:52 - A very loud "M-I-Z, Z-O-U" chant can be heard.  I'm going to be telling my grandkids about this team.

10:54 - The only remaining mystery in this game: when does Blaine Gabbert come in?

10:55 - McDonough: "Well, the good news for Nebraska is that they've got a decided edge in time of possession..."  On to the fourth quarter we go.  GABBBBBBERT...GABBBBBERT...

11:00 - The announcers are finally talking about Chase Daniel and Warren Buffett's friendship.  Took long enough...

11:01 - Mizzou's defense is just dominating right now.  Two run stuffs in short yardage situations, and NU will punt. 

11:02 - Or not.  They're going for it on 4th-and-2.  Unfortunately, they didn't get the play off in time.  Delay of game, 4th-and-7.  They'll punt now.

11:03 - Daniel's got the headset on.  Bring on Blaine.  Or Patton.

11:05 - It's Patton, with De'Vion Moore in the backfield.

11:06 - Hey everybody, it's Andrew Jones!

11:07 - Ha...Daniel just got in trouble with Brian Jones for sending in the signal to Patton.

11:09 - Rob Stone just said Chase Daniel goes from 220 to 230 in a day sometimes during the season.  Huh?  I've been pretty much within the same 5-pound range every second of the last 5 years.

11:11 - De'Vion Moore with a first down, and Mizzou's out toward midfield.  Unfortunately, this drive has killed enough time (there are 6 minutes left) that Gabbert might not get in now.  I wanted to hear the smattering of boos.

11:12 - Gabbert!  Boos!  I will sleep fulfilled tonight!

11:13 - Third-and-6...we might actually see Blaine throw a pass!

11:14 - Or not.  De'Vion is stuffed.  Fourth down.  And De'Vion is stuffed on fourth down too.  Lame.  At least let Blaine throw one pass.

11:18 - And the Huskers send Joe Ganz back out for another drive.  Why, exactly?

11:19 - Ganz to McNeill for 20 yards and a first down against Mizzou's scrubs.  Congrats.

11:21 - Another first down for NU.  0:27 left.  They better not score here.


11:23 - TD Nebraska on the last play of the game.  That's a bunch of crap right there.  Ganz got lit up too.  Hope it was worth it to only lose by 35.  52-17.  Ballgame.  Whoopin'.