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Oct. 4 Pregame Thread

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Missouri and Nebraska don't kick off until 8:00 p.m., but that doesn't mean the Live Thread love can't start early. Let us know what you're watching and join us in the comments. The actual Nebraska thread will launch three hours prior to kickoff.

Kansas_medium VS. Iowa_st_2008_medium

Kansas (-13) at Iowa State
11:30 a.m., Versus

Oklahoma_medium VS. Baylor_medium

Oklahoma (-27) at Baylor
11:30 a.m., FSN (HD)

Texas_tech_medium VS. Kansas_st_medium

Texas Tech (-7) at Kansas State
2:30 p.m., ABC


Texas (-13.5) at Colorado
6:00 p.m., FSN (HD)

Texas_am_old1_medium VS. Oklahoma_st_medium

Texas A&M at Oklahoma State (-24.5)
6:05 p.m., no TV announced


Stanford at Notre Dame (-7)
1:30 p.m., NBC (HD)

Arizona State at Cal (-9)
2:30 p.m., ABC

Florida State at Miami (-2.5)
2:30 p.m., ABC (HD)

Illinois at Michigan (-2.5)
2:30 p.m., ESPN2 (HD)

Auburn (-4.5) at Vanderbilt
5:00 p.m., ESPN (HD)

UConn at North Carolina (-6.5)
6:00 p.m., ESPN2 (HD)

Ohio State (-2.5) at Wisconsin
7:00 p.m., ABC (HD)

Oregon at USC (-16.5)
7:00 p.m., ABC (HD)