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Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot

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As you'll notice, the BlogPoll has now been picked up by CBS Sports. This means that my inability to properly rank teams is one step closer to legitimacy!

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma --
2 Missouri 1
3 Alabama 1
4 Texas 1
5 LSU 1
6 Penn State --
7 Texas Tech 1
8 Brigham Young 1
9 Vanderbilt 13
10 Georgia --
11 Southern Cal 2
12 Utah 2
13 Florida 2
14 Ohio State 2
15 Boise State 3
16 South Florida 9
17 Kansas 2
18 Wisconsin 1
19 Auburn 7
20 Oklahoma State 3
21 North Carolina 4
22 Virginia Tech 2
23 California 3
24 Wake Forest 2
25 Oregon 5
Dropped Out: Fresno State (#19), Connecticut (#21)
On the Radar: Kentucky, Fresno State, UConn, Tulsa, Northwestern, Pitt, Ball State, Michigan State, Florida State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Illinois

Justifications (or at least the best I can do):
  • No arguments for anyone other than Oklahoma at No. 1 for me.
  • Bama struggles + Missouri romp = New No. 2
  • Texas. Is. Good. I am NOT looking forward to playing this team in Austin and seeing what McCoy can do on the Mizzou defense.
  • Still not impressed by Texas Tech, but they're better than all the alternatives. I don't think we'll know anything about them until Oct. 25 against Kansas (and even that looks shaky, now). They will ROMP Nebraska and Texas A&M over the next two weeks.
  • The ballot starts to take a resume feel, with Vandy coming in at No. 9. They're certainly not the ninth-most talented team in the country, but they've earned the spot, at least for this week.
  • South Florida drops to No. 16. Kansas drops two spots for the Iowa State scare, and I just realized I only dropped Wisconsin one spot. Do the Badgers deserve to fall more?
  • Auburn continues to drop, coming in only one spot ahead of Oklahoma State.
  • 21 thru 25 is apparently my token Pac 10/ACC section of the ballot