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Mizzou Links, 10-6-08

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Nebraska Wrap-up Links!

And as always...Dave Matter empties the notebook...

Last week I did a radio interview with a talk-show host in Omaha who told me Nebraska fans still believe they’ll win every game against Missouri because of the “Pinkel Factor,” the Huskers-inspired theory that Pinkel will botch something on game day and cause the Tigers to lose. I think we can officially put that theory to rest — if you haven’t already, say a year ago when Missouri won 12 games and finished No. 4 in the country. Now that Pinkel’s won four of six against the Husk-ers and defeated three different NU head coaches, don’t you think the “Pinkel Factor” seems a touch outdated?

I think Missouri fans can turn the tables and credit the Huskers’ struggles to the “Maclin Factor.” Or the “Daniel Factor” or the “Washington Factor” or the “Alexander Factor” — as in the Tigers’ wealth of offensive weapons compared to Nebraska’s lunging, slow-footed collection of defenders.

Now...a couple Oklahoma State links!

And since Dez Bryant's profile continues to rise, here's a sneak peek of what's coming to Como this weekend...

Here's ESPN's latest Heisman watch.  It's almost a little freaky how close Chase Daniel's and Sam Bradford's (and to a lesser extent, Colt McCoy's) numbers are.  What's sad is, if Derrick Washington's rushing numbers weren't so effective, Chase would probably have about 5-7 more TD passes.  That's a good problem to have.

Finally, I'm sure The Beef will have more about this in the Musings, but it was a good weekend for Mizzou Soccer and another crappy one for Mizzou Volleyball--this team just can't win (or hit) on the road, and it's killing them.