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Rock M Roundtable!

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1 - I'm not going to mention Spit-Gate here (whoops, I just did...scratch that!), but instead I'll ask you this: what was your single favorite moment from last Saturday night's excorcism in Lincoln?

2 - Can OSU slow down Missouri enough on Saturday night to keep it a game late into the fourth quarter?

3 - Kansas-ISU: nice recovery and win by KU or warning sign of bad things to come for the Beakers?

4 - Name me the teams you think could beat Missouri right now (on a neutral field).

5 - Big 12 Picks!

Colorado at Kansas
Nebraska at Texas Tech
Kansas State at Texas A&M
Iowa State at Baylor

And the marquee matchups...

Oklahoma vs Texas
Oklahoma State at Missouri

ZouDave - 1 - Wow, that's a tough one. I think I went the craziest on Maclin's TD catch and run, because the game had just freaking started and I wasn't really even sitting comfortably yet. It's going to be really hard to pick out a single moment from that game, since it was just glorious from start to finish. I really, really liked Luke Lambert's fumble recovery, but that's because of my ties to Brookfield!

2 - No. Very simply, no. Game at halftime? Sure. It might be within 10 at the half. But even as good as their offense is, ours is better. And as bad as our defense is perceived to be, theirs is worse. And it's a night game at home where we've been winning pretty regularly for the last 2 years. The crowd is actually going to have a pretty good hand in this one, because we're going to be loud and we're going to cause some miscue's for OSU on a couple of 3rd downs that take them from 3rd and 4 to 3rd and 9. That kind of stuff eventually breaks your back. Missouri's offense is just a constant pressure that eventually will break whatever it's pushing on and then there's no recovering. We will win this game by more than 2 scores.

3 - Yes. They're not quite the same team they were a year ago, but they are still a very good team. They didn't look that flat for an entire half of football at any point last year, even against Missouri. Play even half that flat against OU, Tech, Texas or Missouri and the game is out of reach before you can do anything about it. Plus, ku didn't really do anything to stop ISU after the onside was recovered, ISU just flat dropped 2 wide open passes. kansas is still going to beat KSU, CU and Nebraska and get to a minimum of 7 wins but the jury is still very much out on the other 4. Winning that game at ISU should just about guarantee them their first ever back-to-back bowl seasons.

4 - Oklahoma.

5 - Colorado at kansas - ku by 17
Nebraska at Texas Tech - Tech by 50+
KSU at A&M - KSU by 4...7-3
ISU at Baylor - Baylor by 7
Oklahoma vs Texas - Oklahoma by 10
Oklahoma State at Missouri - Missouri by 21, although I doubt we ever lead by much more than 21.

Doug: 1 - I had a house full of in-laws... from Nebraska.  The favorite moment was when they all finally went to bed and shut up.

2 - Maybe Oklahoma State can stop Missouri once.  Maybe.  But, the more important factor is if they can score with the Tigers.  I think the Cowboys have a much better offense than Nebraska does and if they can come away with touchdowns instead of field goals they might be within a score or two come the fourth quarter.

3 - I think we went over this last week, but if you had told me Kansas would turn the ball over 3 times in the first half, have just 93 yards of total offense and trail 20 to 0 on the road... I wouldn't have picked them to win... would you?  Sure, there are things to be worried about from the first half.  But, pretty much everything that went wrong there, went right in the second half.  I think you'll know see Jake Sharp as the every down back for Kansas, with Angus Quigley mixed in.  Sharp can find those holes in the line, plus he's an excellent pass-catching running back.  There are reasons for concern, but the reality is, KU was coming off a bye week and playing the early game on the road.  Sure, it made for some anxious moments... but I'm not going to start pulling out my hair.

4 - Oklahoma.

5 - Kansas... the return home helps
Texas Tech... does the scoreboard have enough digits on it?
Texas A&M... because even they can run the ball, right?
ISU... they'll be bouyed be last Saturday
Oklahoma... I just think OU has better athletes on both sides of the ball
Missouri... it'll be one of the best games of the season

Michael Atchison: 1 - My favorite moment, without doubt, was the last touchdown. The defense had just recovered a fumble, and on the very next play, Chase and the offense made clear what they’re all about – We are going to take what we want. Nebraska defended that play well, but Daniel threaded the ball between two defensive backs – could it have been more than six inches from either one? – for the touchdown to Alexander. It was an exclamation point on the day.

2 - Can OSU slow Missouri down enough? Sure, they can, and if you played the game ten times, they might well do it three or four times. My guess, though, is that Missouri is up 14 with 15 minutes to play.

3 - I don’t know if the game at Ames says anything particularly bad about Kansas, other than they’re not quite the team they were a year ago. But that third quarter showed that they can still be awfully good. That was an impressive comeback.

4 - This is college football. I’ll bet there are no less than 30 teams that COULD beat Missouri on a neutral field. Here are a few that would have better than a puncher’s chance: Oklahoma, Texas, Southern Cal, Alabama, LSU, all the usual suspects. I was tempted to include Penn State, but I think they’d have a tough time putting up enough points.

5 - Kansas beats CU by 10.

Tech is going to spin Nebraska around and de-pants them.

K-State and A&M? Remember when that game had significant national title implications? I’m not going to bother to pick it.

Baylor over ISU by six.

I’ll take OU over Texas, but I don’t have any idea of how it will play out.

Mizzou 48 OSU 28

The Boy: Dave, it takes you over a minute to get comfortable sitting?

1 - My favorite moment had to have been hearing the "M-I-Z, Z-O-U" chant clear as day in the first half.  It was jarring and delightful.  And I didn't ask this question, but my least favorite moment was watching Bo Pelini sending his starters back out there with under two minutes left, just so NU could score on MU's scrubs and only lose by 35.  I have nothing against Joe Ganz, but Pelini deserved to get him hurt for that silliness.

2 - I just don't think so.  In five games, OSU has four sacks.  FOUR.  I'm excited about getting to watch their offense in person (obviously I've only read about them this year), and Dez Bryant's a total stud, but...FOUR SACKS.  And it's even worse than that, really: two of those sacks were by defensive backs, and one was by a backup defensive lineman.  OSU's starting D-linemen have combined for ONE sack.  In five games.  Against Washington State, Missouri State, Houston, Troy and Texas A&M.  One.  One!

3 - Honestly, I guess I should have given "both" as an option.  It was obviously a nice recovery by KU, oh man, things aren't looking particularly great for them this year if they can't a) run the ball, b) hold onto the ball, or c) run the ball and hold onto the ball at the same time.  Not being able to run makes games like this weekend's (against a CU team that isn't too hot on the road) harder than they should be.

4 - Barring Atch's "this is college football" disclaimer, Oklahoma (if they think it's a big game).  Maybe USC (if they think it's a big game).  God, that's really about it.

5 - KU 24, CU 17.  KU's better, but CU will punish you if you find yourself in too many passing downs.

Texas Tech 59, Nebraska 21.  I'd kinda like to see NU give Tech a game, just so I can feel better about Mizzou and worse about Tech,

KSU 10, ATM 9.  You couldn't pay me to watch this game.

Baylor 27, Iowa State 17.  I must say, this game is a little more intriguing than, well, it's ever been.  Not because the two teams are actually fighting for anything important, but just because Baylor's got an exciting QB and ISU's salty.  (That's my new word for ISU.  I used it last week, and I'll use it the rest of the season.  They're not actually good, they're not actually talented, but they're salty.)

OU 34, Texas 24.  I'm fully accepting that Texas is a hair better than I thought they would be (I never fell for the Texas Tech talk, but I still thought Texas' upside was limited this year), but I think OU will leverage McCoy into more uncomfortable down-distance situations than UT will leverage Bradford, and eventually they'll pull away.  They won't be able to run the ball very well, though, so maybe it'll be closer.

MU 52, OSU 24.  Or 52-28.  Or 52-31.  It's 52 to something, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

rptgwb: 1. Oh, Lord - we have to pick just one? The TD pass to Maclin, the Brock Christopher pick, Derrick Washington slashing the 'Skers eight yards at a time. It was all glorious. My favorite moments were away from the field though. Hearing the "M-I-Z, Z-O-U" chant across a dead silent Memorial Stadium was a thing of beauty, and the visual ZouDave has of Pelini smacking on his gum and looking helpless was hilarious. Hey Bo - chew on that.

2. No. I respect OSU and all, but I think the only team that can stop the Mizzou offense is the Mizzou offense. Protect the football, get a few defensive stops, and the opponents will be chasing all game.

3. Both. A "W" is a "W," albeit a very ugly one. Every team has a game like that. The real question is what they take from the loss. Do they rally around the comeback, or do they sit and lament how poorly they played in Ames?

4 -Oklahoma
Alabama, maybe

5 - Big 12 Picks:

Kansas over Colorado by 7
Texas Tech over Nebraska by 35
Kansas State over Texas A&M by 3
Baylor over Iowa State by 7
Oklahoma over Texas by 4
Missouri over Oklahoma State by 18

rptgwb: " I have nothing against Joe Ganz, but Pelini deserved to get him hurt for that silliness."

I do think that Pelini had a point to make, that the team wasn't going to quit on him like they did on Callahan last year. Classless, maybe. But that TD wasn't sending a message to Mizzou fans, it was sending a message to Nebraska fans.

Michael Atchison: A question to The Boy.  I haven't gone back and looked at all the possession numbers, but I'm guessing that Mizzou had fewer possessions and considerably fewer plays than in previous games.  As you look at the individual stats for Daniel, Washington and the receivers, they're clearly good, but they're not particularly eye-popping.  And still, the Tigers hung 52 on Nebraska, and they took the fourth quarter off.  It was a stunning show of offensive efficiency, and I suspect that the two most important stats were 78.3 (Daniel's completion percentage on 23 attempts) and 9.9 (Washington's yards per carry on 14 rushes).

ZouDave: It also shows how poorly Nebraska managed the field position battle, in my opinion.

They threw an interception deep in their own territory, and we got a TD off of it.

They fumbled (more of just set the ball on the ground while diving over the pile) inside their own territory.

They had a 3-yard punt.

Short fields + Explosive Offense + Desire to Score in One Play = Missouri on

And for the record, the TD occurred 59 seconds into the game and I was on my feet for the last few seconds of Maclin's run.

I had been drinking Bob's 47 (Boulevard's FINEST beer, only available in October) all day and had polished off a couple of bowls of dad's chili...sitting comfortably didn't really happen until later in the evening.

Michael Atchison: If ever an assertion demanded a response, it’s this one:

"I had been drinking Bob's 47 (Boulevard's FINEST beer, only available in October)"

For the record, Bob’s 47, while a perfectly pleasant brew, isn’t even Boulevard’s finest seasonal – that would be the Irish Ale (and having one Zon in the summer time is nice; have two, though, is excruciating – far too cloying). The Pale Ale, of course, is still the gold standard, and the Dry Stout is a charming little beer, with the flavor of a stout and a much lighter body.

Your turn, Governor Palin.

The Boy: Give me Boulevard Wheat every time.

I think the most important number from the game was 58.  That's the number of plays Missouri ran.  Some of that was because of some ridiculously quick scoring drives (they had TD drives of 3 plays, 4 plays, 1 play, and um, 0 plays), and some of that came from NU milking the clock pretty well.  If Mizzou had run its typical 70-80 plays, they'd have scored 70.  But yeah...I think it's needless to say that if Missouri's starting RB is averaging 9.9 yards per carry, Missouri's going to win 100% of the time.

And I have to slightly disagree about the "message" to NU fans.  If I were an NU fan, the only message that stunt would have shown me was that he was willing to get a starter hurt just to score a useless TD, and nothing more.  Scoring against somebody's scrubs in a record-setting blowout loss does not in any way say "we didn't give up" to me...especially not after they essentially gave up in the third quarter and just tried to focus on eating clock and not getting blown out even worse.

rptgwb: "I had been drinking Bob's 47 (Boulevard's FINEST beer, only available in October)"

Them's fighting words to MCBoomofDoom

ZouDave: I like the Irish Ale just fine, but Bob's 47 is the absolute king of season Boulevards. I will still drink Pale Ale as my Boulevard of choice, but I take full advantage of October to get 47 since I can't get it other times of the year.

And if I'm elected President, I will make it my first point of action to see that everyone has equal opportunity to watch me drink Bob's 47 until I can't sit comfortably in under a minute. This, my friends, is my promise to you.

Doug: Hey, the economy is in shambles... let's watch the President drink!

Of course, it would be a sight more truthful than most politicians.

Ridiculous Matt: 1. The interception return for a touchdown. No doubt. Why? Because that was the moment the team, the fans, the stadium, the city, and all their pet said "It's cool. You got it. Do whatcha want. Just leave us our corn and something to whittle, please." The hope up until that point was palpable behind the idea that the offense could keep pace against our "terrible" defense. If you read the game thread over at Corn Nation, that's where hope died. It's like that Simpsons scene where Lisa yells at Ralph. "You can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks." That's what that was.

2. No. The only hope they have is that we somehow make uncharacteristic turnovers at home and they're able to sustain long drives on the ground with their running game against the #2 rushing defense in the Big 12 (which no one mentions).  So basically, they need a very long list of things to happen that don't happen very often to cause us problems. Throw in the fact that they are much more likely to make mistakes and our defense is starting to turn into a group of ballhawks again? I'm feeling better about this game with each and every day. Especially because it sounds like the hype of the Red River Shootout is making it impossible for us to get overly hyped for next week.

3. It's pretty much just expectable. ISU is better than everyone though, Kansas is a lot worse. This team is not a North contender and it's going to struggle migtily with a lot of teams. ISU is going to sneak up on some folks and be there at the end.

4. Kansas 31 Colorado 24- Colorado may have proved last week they're the worst team in the North. I'm not kidding. And yeah, I know what that says about WVU.

Tech 51 NU 20: Hey, look Huskers! You held them to one fewer point! Bring out the blackshirts! Order restored!

KState 17 A&M 9: Sad panda.

Baylor 35 ISU 16: Baylor is better than the scoreboard indicated last week and it could have been a building block for them.

OU 17 Texas 7: Everyone's freaking out over Texas. Do you realize that before last week's "big win" the best team they played was probably Florida Atlantic? Do you realize that their running game is entirely run through Colt McCoy? Take a second and think about what will happen if they try pushing Colt to the outside on the zone read. The only reason OU doesn't score more is there is going to be a lot of long, sustained drives, that's the Stoops special in big games. Pound it out and get the win. The score will be close, but the beating will not.

MU 52 OSU 28: Our defense decided to get around to that whole "gelling" thing. Our front seven is angry that the defense gets ragged on so much and is starting to make plays. We're also murder defensively in the red zone. And our offense? Our offense does its thing baby.

I think the starters being out there did have a lot to do with Pellini trying to show that his teams aren't going to quit, even if the players have, if that makes any sense. I noticed that on the late third quarter drive where he went for it and missed it on fourth down. Callahan would have taken the figgie to try and save face.


The Beef: Sorry everyone…am running insane today at work…this may be all I have to offer.

1 - I would say my favorite moment was the TD to Alexander after the fumble. Classic going-for-the-throat move when that situation presented itself. That was when I finally got comfortable with the game and the outcome….or ran out of beer.

2 - I really do not believe so. I think Okie State needs to keep the ball out of our hands and grind clock while doing so, but running the ball I believe plays into our defense strength at this point. I think it might be a game through halftime but I think once the 4th quarter starts they will be off their gameplan and trying to scramble.

3 - A little of both to be honest. Having watched most of the game, it truly was a tale of two halves. If kU plays like they did in the 2nd half, both with Reesing being effective AND (more importantly) Jake Sharp being productive, I think they can be better than perhaps some think right now. However, the first half showed how low their low could be at times this year, and I would be concerned about that.

4 - OU, Alabama, maybe LSU

5 - Big 12 Picks!

Colorado at Kansas – Kansas by a TD
Nebraska at Texas Tech – Ttech by a lot
Kansas State at Texas A&M – Big XII’s version of 3-2
Iowa State at Baylor – Baylor gets a nice win at home

Oklahoma vs Texas – I really believe UT is going to win one of these again at some point…but I guess probably not this season. OU by a late score to salt it away

Oklahoma State at Missouri – Mizzou by 17 points after giving up our patented garbage TD at the end of the game

Ridiculous Matt: I totally skipped over 4. Good job, Matt.

I think the teams that COULD beat us on neutral field right now are OU, Texas, LSU, Florida, and Alabama.

The only teams I think would have a legit advantage are OU and LSU. I'm starting to think Les Miles could coach any team to any championship it's eligible to win. I think Texas is a paper tiger that's going to be unfolded in the next two weeks.

(One hour later...)

Michael Atchison: This has ground to a halt. Quick, someone post a picture.

As long as we’re talking about beer – and I noticed in the gameday thread there was much talk about gameday drink of choice – I will note that I enjoyed a Two-Hearted Ale from Michigan’s Bell Brewery during the first half. That’s one exceptional brew. It’s a characteristically hoppy IPA, but the brassy bitterness is tempered by a rich roasted caramel flavor.

That is all.

The Beef: I have enjoyed that before and I do hold it to be a very solid brew as well. Of course, I am now counting the days until the Flatbranch pumpkin spice ale comes out…I will not miss it like I did last year

ZouDave: Anyone ever tell you that you sound like Martha Stewart when you're describing a beer?

Michael Atchison: It’s a good thing.

ZouDave: I won't pretend to be a beer connoisseur, but I do seem to be able to tell good from bad. Sometimes I don't care, but I usually operate under the instruction that life is too short to drink bad beer.

So having said that, if you get an opportunity I think you should all check out Mac & Jack's African Amber Ale. I had this at a pizza joint called Boston's when I was in Spokane, WA, last month and it was spectacular. Excellent flavor, both sweet and malty, with a hoppy finish. I don't know if you can get it anywhere other than the Pacific NW but if you can, you should.

Michael Atchison: Another NW offering to checkout is MacTarnahan’s Ale from Portland.

Welcome to Hop M Nation.

The Boy:

The Beef: Now THAT is what I am talking about

ZouDave: Always did like blondes...

Ridiculous Matt: I wanted to know what you guys thought about this team's emotional level. Emotion has so much of an impact in the SEC. For instance, I think Vandy's going to lose this weekend simply because of how much emotion they're losing. By contrast, we don't get up, we don't get down. Even after the NU game. We came in, said we'd take care of business, walked into the stadium, dragged them out back, clubbed them like baby seals, drug them back in and ran over them. I think it's one of the best things about this team. We don't act like we're riding some unbelievable wave. We act like we belong where we are and then we go out and prove it.

Boulevard is now available in Austin! Thank you, Jesus!

ZouDave: The guys who were here in 2007 (most of the team) have seen all of this before. After that OU game, we were faced EVERY SINGLE WEEK with a must-win game. Texas Tech came to town for Homecoming riding this unstoppable offense that never turned the ball over, we killed them. We struggled with ISU, lost Senior leader Pig Brown, kept on trucking. Went to Boulder, where we hadn't won in 10 years, and undressed them on national television. A&M came to town with a lot to prove, kept the ball away from us and really put a scare into us, but we delivered when we had to. Went to Manhattan, where it'd been something like 18 years since we'd won there, trailed early in the game (15-14, I believe) and just calmly destroyed them. Then Arrowhead, and emotion was too much. I definitely think that had something to do with our performance the next week in San Antonio. EVERYTHING was poured into winning that kansas game, and we had a letdown against a great team and it showed. So the difference to me this year is that the guys all learned from that, and the leaders are going to keep everyone on an even keel and not let EVERYTHING get poured into any single game. Rivalry games, road games, whatever, just play your game. Focus, stay emotionally stable, and keep on keepin' on.

It's the kind of thing you see when programs are growing. We're learning how to handle it all. It will be very interesting to see if they can keep this even keeled approach all season. Next week's game at Texas has emotion written all over it, for a multitude of reasons. Senior Day this year is going to be an emotional avalanche for players, coaches and fans alike. kansas at Arrowhead again. Big XII Championship game against our nemesis (more than likely). Somewhere along the line these kids are going to be kids again, but so far they've been men among boys.

Ridiculous Matt: Believe me, I'm not overlooking how special this season is, and I'm really believing we're championship material. But I did want to touch on something the ESPN Big 12 Blog mentioned. We all assume there's a huge drop next season without Chase, and there will be a big drop. But we'll still have a solid recruiting base and DWash. I'm starting to feel better about next season being not as great, but not a return to the lower middle of the barrel.