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Mizzou Links, 11-11-08

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Chase Daniel: hard on himself.

[F]or Daniel, the mistakes have started to come at inopportune times. Twice in the final drive at Baylor, he was nearly intercepted. Against Kansas State, he admitted that he made some poor decisions that resulted in interceptions for the Wildcats.

“I’ve just got to be more careful with the football,” Daniel said. “You look at the first interception, I was getting hit when I was throwing the ball, and just shouldn’t have thrown the football. I should have taken it for a sack. That’s just trying to do too much.”

Or, put another way...Chase = the last 5 seconds of this video...

Mutigers has Monday Press conference, and as always, PowerMizzou has audio as, Dave Matter does some late-night thinking...

“I’m anxious,” he said of his November mood. “I’m thinking about the football team every second. I always do, but this is what you coach for. This is what you play for.”

If I’m reading the guy accurately — and I’ve had some practice through the years — Pinkel’s really giving off an energized, positive mood these days. And it’s not just the coffee. His team’s in the thick of a pivotal stretch, but Pinkel appears as loose as I’ve ever seen him. He playfully laughed and joked throughout both his TV and radio shows the last few days — as if he genuinely enjoys the weekly duties. (For $322,500 a pop annually, he better enjoy them!) Others around the program have remarked to me how genuinely happy Pinkel’s seemed lately. (Don't read that meaning he was happy to suffer two excruciating October losses, just that he's happy where things are and where they're headed.)

Which takes me back to my thought that Pinkel has little interest in leaving Missouri anytime soon. A bigger salary at another school can buy you fancier things, but there’s something to be said about the quality of life that goes along with having a job that makes you happy in a place you enjoy. I get that sense from Pinkel now. He loves what he’s built here and the players he’s recruited and helped develop.

Chase Coffman: missed.

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It's Dave Matter's Big 12 Football Notes!

Finally...Missouri!  Missouri Southern!  Mizzou Arena!  Tonight!  Be there!  In preparation, The Missourian talks Steve Moore, while the KC Star talks Leo Lyons.