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Rock M Roundtable!

We got to questions eventually, I promise.  But let's just pick up where the action began...

The Beef: So…while The Boy is in a morning meeting…anyone want to attempt to make this the earliest a Roundtable has ever gone careening off of the tracks? Who wants to fire the first salvo?

rptgwb: Ron Prince.

Go, Beef, go!

The Beef: No not falling for that trap right there...I cursed all I wanted to the other day.

I did however see an article where the Gator Bowl is on record saying they would basically want a 7-5 Notre Dame or an 8-4 Nebraska over a 10-3 Mizzou squad....

rptgwb: Gator Bowl: Wrong for America.

Michael Atchison: What does this have to do with how hot Dave's sister is?

The Beef: Dave's Sister: Right for Everyone

Doug: And, boom goes the dynamite.


The Boy: Alright, fine, fine...I'm back...and since you savages can't play nice without frivolous questions, here you go...

1 - Ron Prince.  Go!

2 - How much of a chance does ISU have against MU this weekend?

3 - How much of a chance does KU have against Texas this weekend?

4 - Big 12 Picks!

* Missouri at Iowa State
* Texas at Kansas
* Nebraska at Kansas State
* Oklahoma State at Colorado
* Texas A&M at Baylor

5 - Any thoughts about your local basketball club yet?

The Beef: 1 - Oh…I believe I already went…no need to rehash the cursing

2 - About as much chance as Ron Prince does of landing another head coaching job in D-1 next season

3 - A little better chance than above, but their defense is really troubled right now and I don’t think anyone really saw that coming. Of course, Reesing is picking a really bad time to be pretty mortal.

4 - * Missouri at Iowa State - us

* Texas at Kansas - UT

* Nebraska at Kansas State – I cannot believe NU is going to finish 8-4 and claim that order has been restored….but they very likely will

* Oklahoma State at Colorado – Sheesh…these games kinda suck this week

* Texas A&M at Baylor – Yeah…really suck this week. Though I suppose this could be a barn-burner of suckiness.

5 - I am disheartened to see that we continue to not value the ball considering the bill of goods we are sold about the formula we employ to combat the fact we do not rebound worth a damn. I am heartened to see some flashes from the freshmen and some possibilities, but I don’t think we are quite there yet and we have not much time before the heat really gets turned up on the team with their pending trip down to Puerto Rico

ZouDave: 1 - He's a jerk.

2 - Slim.

3 - None.

4 - Mizzou by 20+
Texas by 20+
Nebraska by 14
OSU by 30+
Baylor by 14

5 - Have not watched a single second yet, so no.

Michael Atchison: 1 - Meh.

2 - Iowa State has a seven percent chance against Mizzou.

3 - Kansas has a three percent chance against Texas.

4 - Mizzou over ISU by 21.

Texas over Kansas by 27.

Nebraska over KSU by 13.

Okie State over the Buffs by 24

Baylor over A&M by six

5 - I’m working on thoughts on the basketball team right now. Will have them in by deadline

Unrelated topic for discussion: Clearly, this is a very fine football team, but just as clearly, things aren’t clicking quite as nicely as they were a year ago. Part of this highlights what a remarkable year that was. Almost everything that could go right did go right, and you just can’t expect that to happen two years in a row. But as I look at this team, especially on the defensive side, one thing that strikes me is that the secondary has made virtually no big plays all season, while last year, it was a regular occurrence. It started with Pig Brown, of course, but even after he went down, it continued with the same group of guys we have now. So, two questions: 1) which was the aberration, last year or this year?; and 2) We knew Lorenzo Williams was good, but was he even better than we thought? A disruptive defensive tackle makes everyone – including corners and safeties – look good.

rptgwb: I miss this man.

A lot.

ZouDave: I'm really hoping Coulter is next year's Pig Brown, apart from the career
ending injury of course.

rptgwb: Maybe it's the uniform number, but Kenji Jackson's making his case for role.

ZouDave: I just mean more in the sense of a JUCO player who contributes as a Junior but becomes the team leader as a Senior and sets the tone for the defense.  Pig did very little as a Junior but was the unquestioned leader, and a Team Captain, as a Senior.  It would be great if Coulter was every bit of that.  No clue what he's like in the locker room, though.

Doug: 1 - "Go"?  Like, go away?  He will, that's for sure.  By the way, how badly has K-State screwed the pooch on it's coaching search with what happened with Patterson last week?

2 - Not much of one.

3 - Better than you think.

4 - Missouri
Oklahoma State
Earth - To open up and swallow both teams

5 - The non-conference schedule is going to be a painful one for KU.  This team is going to require a lot of time to develop another three decent starters to match Collins and Aldrich.  If Chalmers had stuck around, I wouldn't feel too apprehensive about the season, but those guys are going to have a lot of in-the-fire learning they have to do in the next couple of months before conference season begins.

But, then, I've just started my five-year complaint free time, so I won't get pissed off!


The Boy: From a numbers standpoint, really the only difference between this year's defense and last year's is the Texas debacle.  Otherwise this has been a defense that a) gives up yards and b) makes a decent amount of big plays, just like last year.  You're right that we're missing a catalyst like Pig/Moore in '07, but Weatherspoon's been mighty mighty good.  And Texas aside, the defense has made a play every time it's needed to this season.

I think the biggest difference is on the offense at the moment.  I don't know if we're missing any particular contributor from '07 (Rucker, Franklin, Spieker/Luellen, whoever)'s just that Chase hasn't been 100% on-point for all of conference season like he was last year (sans the second half of the Big 12 title game).  Defenses have learned his tendencies a bit more, I think, and they're jumping a lot more the almost-killer-pick Jordan Lake had on our game-winning drive against Baylor, or like a couple passes against KSU that got jumped and broken up at the last second.  Whatever the reason, the swagger's not there right now.  Which is a funny thing to say, considering we're still putting up 400+ yards on the road and 500+ yards at home.  But giving up 28 points to Baylor, for instance, shouldn't be a problem--we should have scored 45-52.

And honestly...we're just 6 points short of where we hoped to be this season.  Beat OSU (either by not throwing two damn Q4 picks...or by not missing two Q2 FG's), and we're right in the national title hunt despite the Texas loss.

rptgwb: Yeah, I knew where you were going with the comparison, I just needed to continue feeding some love Kenji's way.

The Boy: KENJI!!

rptgwb: Just want to go on record and say this Roundtable is pretty lame. But, it allows me to pose this question:

Which is the more threatening harbinger for Mizzou in Ames: the fact that weird things happen at Jack Trice, or that Mizzou struggles after subpar Roundtables?

Pick your poison.

The Boy: In the end, the better team has only lost once in Ames in this series recently ('06), so I've gotta go with Lame Roundtables being the harbinger of doom.

The Beef: Well…we still have a little time…hell…we have not even heard from Ridiculous Matt yet

Ridiculous Matt: Ron Prince: Make me a bicycle, clown!


ISU has a chance if they find the gizmoduck suit.

KU does not have a chance even if they find the gizmoduck suit.

Nebraska wins, order restored! Until DWash runs for 250 on them next year and they cry, cry, cry.

College Football sucks this week.

I'm moving back to Missouri. I may be so drunk for a week on Boulevard i throw like Cody Hawkins.

Anybody else want texas Tech to win out so we can play them in the Big 12 title game?

The Beef: Solid reference right there.

ZouDave: I'll take some of the blame this week. This is my first day back at work since our last RoundTable, as I had a combo of the flu and vacation days. I'm completely buried in work and I still feel like ass so I have no room for wit right now.

*hand to chest* My Bad.

The Beef:

The Boy: You heard it, folks.  If we lose on Saturday, Dave shoulders most of the blame.

ZouDave: I'm hurting this team with my play.

Ridiculous Matt: