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Week 10 BlogPoll Ballot

Is it already November? Wow...

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas Tech 3
3 Penn State --
4 Texas 3
5 Oklahoma 1
6 Florida --
7 Oklahoma State --
8 Southern Cal 1
9 Utah 1
10 Boise State 1
11 Ohio State 1
12 TCU 1
13 Missouri 1
14 Georgia 6
15 Ball State 5
16 Brigham Young 1
17 Northwestern 9
18 Michigan State 6
19 Minnesota 1
20 Georgia Tech 5
21 LSU 6
22 Pittsburgh 1
23 Florida State 4
24 Tulsa 8
25 Air Force 1
Dropped Out: Connecticut (#22), South Florida (#23)
On the radar (in no particular order): Maryland, Miami, Virginia, West Virginia, Cincy, Central Michigan, Cal

Justifications (or at least the best I can do): 
  • Who says there isn't a playoff in college football? Next week will be a playoff for my number one vote. Whichever team, Alabama or Texas Tech, looks more impressive in its big matchup (LSU and Oklahoma State) will get my top vote next week, unless they both look awful and JoePa's crew beats Iowa by 75.
  • Texas doesn't drop far, staying at No. 4, one spot ahead of Oklahoma. The Texas losses pushes OU down one spot despite embarrassing the Huskers.
  • I wanted to move Florida up, but I can't justify bumping anyone else down. But, yes Florida, I was impressed.
  • Think the Big 12 South is strong? 4 of the top 7 teams on my ballot.
  • Spots 8-13 all take one step forward. Thanks Georgia!
  • I wanted to bump Missouri down for scaring me senseless in Waco, but I was not about to put Ball State or BYU ahead of Mizzou.
  • 15-25 is an absolute, 100 percent pure crapshoot. Feel free to blast away on it at will. As I look back over it, I seem much more lenient on the ACC and Big East than on the Pac 10.
  • Really, Tulsa? Arkansas?? That's why everyone's hesitant to put you guys up with the big boys.
  • No. 25 is a bit of an overdue shoutout to an under-the-radar Air Force team. For the sake of transparency, I must admit that I have family ties to USAFA, but the successes of Utah, BYU and TCU have masked a very disciplined, very underappreciated Falcon team.