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Mizzou Links, 11-20-08

Morning everyone...big day for Mizzou Basketball, so let's get to the linkin'

 First off....more coverage of the the Tigers game with the Musketeers than you can shake a mouse at:

 Gabe D tackles his faithful readers in the Weekly Mailbag.  And not to ruin the ending for you, but there is an interesting question about how long Coach Pinkel should play the starters against kU.  Um...UNTIL THE GAME IS IN HAND.

 News from around the AD last night shows the Tiger Volleyball team came oh so close to knocking off 13th ranked kSU, eventually losing in 5 sets.  The Tigers could have REALLY used that win to help propel the rest of their season, but just came up short.

 Sigh...I guess I need to cover the Women's Basketball team as well.  They lost a "close" game to Illinois 65-55.  Check out the boxscore here.  But, whatever you do, do not look at leading scorer Alyssa Hollins stat line.  Good news...she went an OK 3-7 from 3pt range and 5-6 from the line.  Bad news....she went 1-15 from 2pt range (including 1-12 in the 1st half, where the Tigers finished down by just four points and led by 11 at one point)

 The post-season award nomination continue to roll in for Chase Daniel as chronicles here.  As far as I can tell, he is nominated for a Wuerffel, Draddy, Unitas, Lowes, Maxwell, O'Brien, Nobel, Emmy, Heisman and Academy.

 And a public service message to all the students out there.  Big XII Championship tickets go on sale TODAY!!!

  Last but not least...Tony Romo is a humanitarian who doesn't mind a little stink