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Mizzou Links, 11-25-08

Quick programming note: I will be on the road tomorrow morning, and I don't believe rptgwb or The Beef will be available to fill in, so unless I hear otherwise, there will be no Links tomorrow.  Hold back those tears.

Kansas Links!  Hate Week is truly upon us...

  • official release ("Playing the common opponent comparison, Mizzou and KU have played five games against the same team, with the comparison looking like this: both played at Nebraska (MU won, 52-17; KU lost, 45-35), both played at Iowa State (MU won, 52-20; KU won, 35-33), both played at home against Colorado (MU won, 58-0; KU won, 30-14), both played at home against Kansas State (MU won, 41-24; KU won, 52-21) and both played against Texas, with MU losing in Austin (56-31) while KU lost in Lawrence (35-7).")
  • official release
  • Post-Dispatch: Kansas football hurt by poor defense this season
  • PowerMizzou: Hawks have Mizzou's attention
  • The Missourian: Rivalry, not hype, matters to Missouri against KU
  • KC Star: Border War Buzz
  • Post-Dispatch: Pinkel expects Chase Coffman to play against Kansas

And while it gets over-mentioned on broadcasts, this is pretty funny right here...

From the mutigers release:

It is one of the most even rivalries around. Amazingly, the series is just one game apart, with MU holding a 54-53-9 edge in the previous 116 meetings.

From the kuathletics release:

The nation’s second most played rivalry will continue with the 117th meeting on Saturday.  Minnesota and Wisconsin have met 118 times including this year. Kansas holds a narrow 54-53-9 advantage in the series, which dates back to 1891.

As always, it's Like Father, Unlike Son and Dave Matter's Big 12 Football Notes!

I guess Gary Pinkel had some fun with the crowd at Tiger Talk...

Asked by host Chris Gervino about his imminent contract extension, Pinkel told the crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings: “I’m going to stay here for the rest of my career and continue to build this program.”

The extension puts to rest any thoughts that Pinkel would consider leaving Missouri for another school in the foreseeable future, but to declaratively say he’s staying at Missouri for the rest of his career? Well, that’s news.

Pinkel’s comment drew a loud applause from the crowd, which he quickly interrupted.

“I just hope you’re still clapping next Monday,” he joked.

On less serious note, Pinkel answered a question delivered via email about possible gold jerseys for the Kansas game. Either he’s a brilliant bluffer or those gold jerseys aren’t going to see the light of day: “How about gold shoes? Or gold socks? Or maybe gold hip pads,” he joked. “No, I would not be looking for any gold.”

And on the same topic, the KC Star talks about Pinkel's happiness as well...

And while Pinkel will be here forever, the offseason will probably, for the first time, mean that some assistants are leaving for bigger, better things...

Mizzou Basketball Puerto Rico wrap-up links!

Finally, Bring On the Cats' TB weighs in on the Bill Snyder situation.  I agree with pretty much everything, aside from one throwaway line about "While Snyder instantly gives K-State the best head coach in the Big 12 North..."  If he were the best head coach in the North, you wouldn't be dismayed by the hire.  Coaching is prepping, game-coaching, recruiting, throwing together a staff, etc.  Snyder is certainly the most accomplished coach in the North, and he's probably the best at one aspect on that list, but that's it.  But that's a minor qualm--this is a good, calm, rational look...

And while we're on Snyder, I guess Gary Pinkel talked a bit about that as well on did Mark Mangino...