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A Thanksgiving Special with rptgwb...

It's unequivocally my favorite holiday of the year, and it's one where I'd like to take this opportunity to wish every single RMN reader a happy, healthy and prosperous Thanksgiving.

In the spirit of giving thanks, here's a list of things I'm thankful for, dating back to last Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for...

... the chance to bear hug everyone in my family as Todd Reesing came up with the Arrowhead Stadium endzone stuck in his facemask.

... The chance to attend the world's greatest journalism school while cheering for the nation's No. 1 football team, even though the duration at No. 1 was so brief.

... A bittersweet thanks to the BCS for screwing Mizzou over, allowing me the opportunity to host several great friends for the Cotton Bowl in my hometown.

... Watching the Mizzou defense absolutely shutout Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, giving Tony Temple the chance to be the best back on the Cotton Bowl field that morning.

... William Moore, Chase Daniel, Chase Coffman, Ziggy Hood and Stryker Sulak all opting to return for 2008.

... the chance to respond "Wait, what?!?" every time I heard score updates of Mizzou basketball's whooping of Texas at Mizzou Arena last January.

... the chance to attend my first MU/KU basketball game, score not withstanding.

... the outpouring of support from Mizzou fans at the news of Larry Smith's passing.

... Mike Anderson suspending nearly his entire senior class following the incident at Athena.

... Mizzou nearly beating Nebraska with only seven players, the most likable roster the team fielded all year.

... Watching J.T. Tiller lead Mizzou to an upset of Michael Beasley and K-State that no one saw coming.

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... the honor of having Rock M be nominated for a 2007 College Football Blogger Award for Best Big 12 Blog

... the very legit Chase Daniel vs. Ben Askren Mizzou 25 Final.

... the far less legit and far more contested Mizzou 25 Coaches Final, which I still find shady.

... the chance to watch Aarow Crow pitch in person, as well as see Mizzou baseball climb as high as No. 2.

... watching online scoreboards break as Mizzou and Texas' baseball teams played to a 31-12 MU win at a howling and freezing Taylor Stadium.

... attending a freezing cold Black and Gold football game even though I could have watched it on ESPNU.

... the chance to see Martin Rucker and Will Franklin's names on NFL merchandise.

... watching the RabbleRabble! unfold between bloggers and Buzz Bissinger.

... following as Mizzou softball won its regional.

... the greatness that was the launching of SB Nation 2.0, the platform you know and love today.

... an entire summer of scratching and clawing for content (Everyone remember "Buffalo Week" around these parts?!?).

... the wonderful thoughts and prayers shared on our site upon word of the passing of Mizzou photographer and fan Sarah Becking.

... seeing Mizzou athletes like Askren and Christian Cantwell at the Beijing Olympics.

... Sean Weatherspoon's grinding celebration and his "give me the damn ball" pick six against Illinois.

... seeing Brock Christopher in No. 25 against SEMO.

... having the Mizzou football players come sing "Fight Tigers" in front of the Tiger's Lair after destroying Nevada in horrible weather.

... a football team that raised expectations so high that a 42-21 win over Buffalo was a major disappointment to many.

... the discovery that Robert Griffin would henceforth be known as "Hot Tub."

... everything that happened in Lincoln on Oct. 4, from Maclin's catch and run to Brock's pick six to Danario's touchdown catch to the greatest postgame thread ever.

... the chance to celebrate the first birthday of Rock M Nation.

... every Chase Coffman hurdle or catch we've seen this year.

... the chance to salute this senior class at Faurot Field, and the chance to explode when Chase Patton threw his first career TD pass in his last home game.

... celebrating with random people at the Hearnes Center, as we crowded around my SlingBox on press row as Bryan Blitz's women's soccer team brought the Big 12 title to Columbia.

... every chance I've had to work with Wayne Kreklow and Mike Anderson this year, two genuinely great, wonderful people.

... the chance to watch this Mizzou volleyball team grow, including the outstanding play of Caitlyn Vann, the redemption of Lauren Nuckolls, and the cannon attached to Julianna Klein's arm.

... the revelation that I (along with the rest of campus) was actually genuinely excited for basketball season this year.

... the opportunity to send my deepest thanks to all my friends here at Rock M Nation. I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday, and here's to hoping for another great year in store between now and next Thanksgiving.