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Mizzou Links, 11-3-08

Since rptgwb continues to remind us that we almost lost to Baylor, I guess we need a few Baylor Wrap-up Links...

Oh man...god bless Chase Coffman.  Gonna miss this guy so much.

Twice in Mizzou's 31-28 win over Baylor, tight end Chase Coffman pulled in high passes from quarterback Chase Daniel and managed to get a foot improbably in the end zone before falling out of bounds. And twice the officials in the review booth stopped the game to look them over.

"I guess they just wanted to watch them again," Coffman said afterward. "I knew I was in both times."

Add them to the growing list of amazing Coffman catches.

Something to watch: Toledo's Tom Amstutz is stepping down as Toledo Head Coach.  This could be a very good spot for either Dave Christensen or (to me, more likely) Matt Eberflus to start their head coaching career.  Have to figure one or both will be candidates...

Finally, the P-D's Bryan Burwell checked in on StL's high school All-American Sheldon Richardson.  It's a great article, other than the part where he doesn't say he's 100% going to Mizzou.