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Apply today for a 2008 Big 12 Championship Fan Visa!

Are you a lover of BCS chaos? A burnt orange aficionado disenfranchised by a computer algorithim? A Big 12 North fan tired of seeing the "big money" schools in Austin and Norman waltz away with conference supremacy?

Fear not, there IS room for you on the Missouri bandwagon. (And, yes, feel free to take a seat vacated by those who jumped off the edge after last Saturday's debacle in Kansas City)

For all non-Mizzou fans who will be cheering for the black and gold next Saturday, see below for Rock M Nation's official Big 12 Championship Fan Visa. Your visa permits you temporary Missouri fandom without any strings attached.

Apply today!

(Answer in the comments section)



  1. Please state your SB Nation user name, and, if desired, your legal name.
  2. Please state from where you will be viewing the 2008 Big 12 Championship.
  3. Declare your primary college football allegiance.
  4. What brings you to the Missouri bandwagon this weekend?

By applying for a temporary fan visa:
  1. You will NOT be held liable for fandom once the visa expires on the morning of Dec. 7, 2008. 
  2. You accept the consequences of putting your hopes in Missouri athletics, including but not limited to severe depression, destroyed faith, damaged trust, nausea, and a desire to punch Matt Davison and Tyus Edney in the throat.
  3. You promise not to mention any incidents involving nasal passages or mispronunciations. You also promise to pay proper respect to Professor Chaos by paying extra attention to correct spellings.

After answering the four questions listed above, type your name and today's date, officially securing your temporary visa for Missouri fandom.