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Mizzou Links, 11-5-08

It's...Cut to the Chase! And this news...

Looks like the entire senior class will be the honorary senior captain for Saturday’s home finale against Kansas State. As I understand it, Aaron O’Neal’s father, Lonnie O’Neal, will be introduced during the pregame ceremony wearing Aaron’s No. 25.


It's...Tuesday's Top Tigers!

It's...the Trib Podcast!  And while we're at's Mike Dearmond's vlog!


K-State Links!

  • The Trib: Coffman eyeing playing despite toe still hurting
  • KC Star: Prince has hand in Wildcats' offense, defense and special teams (not something I'd be admitting right about now)

Aaaaaaaand that's about it.  Nobody's talking about this game.

So we obviously go out of our way to not mention politics much here, but I must say...this Missourian article is pretty funny.

Don't expect to find a pair of podiums tucked in a back corner of the Missouri locker room, stored for the team's weekly debates. Make no mistake though, when it comes to politics, the team is hardly apathetic.

"(Junior punter) Jake Harry tends to read up on a lot of stuff, so he tends to think he knows a lot," said junior linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. "He doesn't really have a problem expressing himself."

He's not the only one. Junior defensive tackle Jaron Baston was tagged as one of the most boisterous political mouths by several Tigers.

"Jaron, though, he'll argue about anything," linebacker Brock Christopher said.

Brian "God" Coulter: starting to thrive.

Finally, to basketball...and a nice Missourian article about freshman forward Laurence Bowers.