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Mizzou Links, 11-6-08

Well, I guess the big news heading into today, other than Ron Prince's "resignation", is the fact that 4-star NC WR Jheranie Boyd will be announcing his decision today.  He is supposedly down to OU and Missouri, but Gabe at PowerMizzou believes NC could still be a player.  Meanwhile, in this article I hear for the first time that former Sooner great Keith Jackson is his uncle.  THAT's not a good thing...I was already figuring he was going to end up in Norman before I learned that...god I hate recruiting against OU...

Speaking of Gabe at PowerMizzou, he has a nice Senior Day-themed column up right now.  He also writes about the greatness of Jeff Wolfert...while Dave Matter takes on Tommy Saunders...

K-State (and Ron Prince) Links!

  • The Missourian: Prince will leave KSU at season's end
  • Post-Dispatch: Missouri defense works on making third-down stops (I'd work on making fourth-down stops as well, but that's just me)
  • KC Star: Tigers' Daniel has plethora of receiving options
  • KC Star: Freeman has bridge to cross at K-State
  • KC Star: No progress at K-State under Prince gives another coach a chance
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Prince's purple reign to end
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: K-State students question timing

If that's not enough Ron Prince reading for you, check out Dave Matter's take on Prince's beyond bizarre press conference from last night...good times...and naturally, Jason Whitlock chips in, saying the return of Bill Snyder would make perfect sense.  Uh huh.  Go right ahead.

Basketball tonight!  Zaire Taylor's ready!  Mike Anderson's ready to coach!  Let's roll!

Finally, as you saw in Fanposts yesterday...#15 Missouri straight-up drilled #9 Texas, 3-1, in the Big 12 Soccer Tournament yesterday.  They had lost 10 in a row to the Lady Horns.  Mizzou will now play 7-seed Kansas, who upset #2 Texas A&M, 4-2, last night.  Mizzou obliterated Kansas, 6-0, last Friday.