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A big thank you.

34 wins and counting (most ever for a 4-year span at Mizzou, and they're not done yet).

A 12-win season (first ever).

A New Year's Day bowl (first one since four months after Woodstock...the original Woodstock).

A Heisman finalist (first one since before there was a big Heisman ceremony).

A Top 5 finish (the first since…1960, I think?)

This senior class is, quite simply, the greatest senior class to ever play for Missouri.  And because of that, I'd like to take a moment to thank each senior.


Van Alexander – for coming back from 116 injuries.

Mack Breed – for sticking it out all five years…and for having an awesome name.

Castine Bridges – for that one-handed, spinning INT in last year's Kansas game.

Colin Brown – for walking on and kicking butt.

Adam Casey and Zach Milligan – for sacrificing a few years for free.

Tommy Chavis – for being extremely underrated.  And for stuffing James Johnson on 4th down in 2006.

Brock Christopher – for intercepting Robert Griffin.

Chase Coffman – for, naturally, thrusting the nunchuk upward.  Oh yeah, and for being the greatest tight end I've ever seen.

Chase Daniel – for simply being the greatest QB in Mizzou History.

Justin Garrett – for hitting really hard (ask Dez Bryant just how hard).

Earl Goldsmith – for scratching out every single yard possible.  And for being named Earl.

Ziggy Hood – for making sure we didn't miss Lorenzo Williams too much.  And for being named Ziggy.

Jimmy Jackson – for being the best bowling ball since Zack Abron.  And for being the "kid from Caruthersville."

Ryan Madison – for starting so long without any fanfare whatsoever.

William Moore – for intercepting Todd Reesing…and Graham Harrell...and Casey Dick...and Eddie McGee...and just about every other QB on the schedule in 2007.  And for driving that awesome car.

Chase Patton – for being the ultimate team player.

Steve Redmond – for sticking around after such a tough setback (injury in senior year).

Tommy Saunders – for being Tommy Saunders.  For bleeding, sweating and crying black and gold.  And for having that awesome hair.

Stryer Sulak – for making sure we didn't miss Brian Smith too much.  And, you guessed it, for being named Stryker.

Jeff Wolfert – for simply being the most accurate kicker of all-time.

And finally...

Aaron O'Neal – for being the driving spirit behind this program's turnaround.  If only you'd been around to see it.