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No. 13 Missouri takes down Kansas State, 41-24

** EDITOR'S NOTE: Quick thoughts added after the jump

With first place in the division firmly in hand, this thread is all yours for postgame overreaction following Missouri's 41-24 win over Kansas State.

In lieu of Good, Bad and Indifferent, here's my quick thoughts I didn't get to share in the podcast:

  • We don't need to delve too much into senior night, as we've thanked this class of seniors profusely for all they've done for the Missouri football program. The ceremony was just as you'd expect, if not a tad more subdued as a result of the weather.
  • As The Boy and The Beef touched on in the podcast, Jeremy Maclin continues to skyrocket his net worth every time he touches the football field. The Cheat Code turned up 278 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns on a night where the offense was not clicking on all cylinders. Although he wasn't honored before the game, you can't help but believe this was the last time Rock M Nation has seen J-Mac on Faurot Field.
  • I won't touch on the vitriol aimed at Ron Prince. The Boy and The Beef have all you need to know in the podcast.
  • I continue to find myself blown away by the play of Kenji Jackson. I hate to compare him to Willy Mo, but his pursuit speed and nose for the ball is extremely impressive for someone so young. Here's to hoping he won't be schemed out plays in the same way Moore has been this season.
  • Brian Coulter continues to force himself onto the field on his own accord. By the second half, despite limited action, Coulter was commanding double teams from K-State.
  • Speaking of new guys, how about Category 32/Hurricane Will Ebner coming up with the blocked punt?
  • Has Missouri ever had a defensive end with better instincts for getting hands in passing lanes than Stryker Sulak? As excited as I am about the Coulter/Jacquies Smith era, the Sulak/Chavis tandem has been a wonderful asset to this program for 2+ years.
  • One of the coolest moments of the night was hearing the stands buzzing in anticipation when Chase Patton entered the game. That moment was only surpassed by hearing the remaining crowd explode when Perry strutted into the endzone for Patton's first career TD pass. Just a great, great sendoff for Patton in his hometown, and it was something to behold watching his teammates mob him on the sideline.
  • How many dropped interceptions did Mizzou have tonight? 3? 4? 17?
  • I feel that I need to add this: It. Was. Cold.