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2nd Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

That's right loyal readers...the Bowl Pick 'Em Contest is back. 

It is simple to participate.  Simply reply to this thread with your picks.  You will need to pick both against the spread, as well as the over/under, so will have two picks per game.  The spreads are LOCKED, so a movement in the line will not be taken into account.  The spreads are courtesy of the Mirage/MGM because...well...I've been to both of them before.

Our winner from last year is MU 1839, who went 39-25 to win by two games over The Buck Grimm Experience.  Of the "couples" category, the The Boy and Wife hold a solid lead over The Beef and TailG8Queen.   Overall, the contest generated a won-loss record of  645-635 for a SOLID winning percentage of .504

As for prizes...1st prize will get you the Rock M Nation T-shirt of your choice...until the SB Nation Corporate Sponsorship kicks in...we are still a little cash-strapped.  Hell, I'm still waiting for the 6-pack I was promised :-)

Anyway, we had a good time with this last year with 20 participants and somehow I am thinking we are going to have a FEW more than that :-)  Come one, come all (and that certainly includes non-Rock M regulars...anyone from SB Nation is welcome to participate)...make me work hard at this.  If you were here last season and have changed names, just let me know and I will do my best to give you your two-season score when all is said and done as well.

Picks are due by midnight on Friday, December 19th (since the first games are on the 20th)

Eagle Bank Bowl
Wake Forest -3 vs. Navy
Over/Under = 42

New Mexico Bowl
Fresno St.  -3 vs. Colorado St.
Over/Under = 60

St. Petersburg Bowl
South Fla -12.5 vs. Memphis
Over/Under = 52

Las Vegas Bowl
Arizona -3 vs. BYU
Over/Under = 62

New Orleans Bowl
Troy -4 vs. S. Miss
Over/Under = 55

Poinsetta Bowl
TCU -2 vs. Boise St.
Over/Under = 46

Hawaii Bowl
Hawaii -1.5 vs. ND
Over/Under = 48

Motor City Bowl
Cent Mich -6.5 vs. Fla Atl
Over/Under = 62.5

Meineke Car Care Bowl
UNC -1 vs. West Virginia
Over/Under = 44.5

Champs Sports Bowl
Florida St. -4.5 vs. Wisc
Over/Under = 52.5

Emerald Bowl
Cal -7 vs. Miami
Over/Under =50.5

Independence Bowl
North. Ill -1 vs. La Tech
Over/Under = 47.5 Bowl
Rutgers -7 vs. NC St.
Over/Under = 51.5

Alamo Bowl
Mizzou -13 vs. NW
Over/Under = 66

Humanitarian Bowl
Nevada -1 vs. Maryland
Over/Under = 58

Texas Bowl
Rice -3 vs. W. Michigan
Over/Under = 73

Holiday Bowl
Okie State -3.5 vs. Oregon
Over/Under = 76

Armed Forces Bowl
Houston -2.5 vs. Air Force
Over/Under = 64

Sun Bowl
Oregon St. -3 vs. Pitt
Over/Under = 52.5

Music City Bowl
BC -3.5 vs. Vandy
Over/Under = 41.5

Insight Bowl
kansas -10 vs. Minn
Over/Under = 57.5

Chick-Fil-A Bowl
Ga Tech -4 vs. LSU
Over/Under = 49.5

Outback Bowl
Iowa -3.5 vs. South Carolina
Over/Under = 43

Gator Bowl
Clemson -2.5 vs. Nebraska
Over/Under = 56

Capital One Bowl
Georgia -7 vs. Michigan St.
Over/Under = 54

Rose Bowl
USC -10 vs. Penn State
Over/Under = 45.5

Orange Bowl
Cinci -1 vs. Va Tech
Over/Under = 41

Cotton Bowl
T. Tech -5.5 vs. Ole Miss
Over/Under = 71

Liberty Bowl
E. Carolina -2 vs. Kentucky
Over/Under = 42

Sugar Bowl
Alabama -10.5 vs. Utah
Over/Under = 45

International Bowl
UCONN -4 vs. Buffalo
Over/Under = 52

Fiesta Bowl
Texas -9.5 vs. Ohio St.
Over/Under = 54

Ball St. -2 vs. Tulsa
Over/Under = 77.5

BCS Champ Game
Florida -3 vs. OU
Over/Under = 72