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Mizzou Links, 12-17-08

I'm not gonna lie...the links are pretty barren's mid-week, and it's still almost two weeks until the bowl game, so...yeah...slim pickins here...

The KC Star and Post-Dispatch both have quick articles about the AP All-American awards for Jeremy Maclin and Chase Coffman...we've been so spoiled the last couple of years...playing without these two next year (and I'm going to continue to assume that Jeremy Maclin's gone) is going to be as big an adjustment for the fans as it is for the team.

As part of what will be an ongoing "Redshirt report" series, PowerMizzou has posted a decent interview with freshman WR Rolandis Woodland. How big is the next couple of weeks for a guy like you to kind of make a statement to the coaches before some of the younger guys might get to campus?

RW: "Oh yeah, it's really big. Coaches are telling me every day just to keep working hard. Just play the game and everything will come. The transition may be hard because some players may not know all the plays right now, but you go out and give it your all and things will fall into place."

Looking to score some knowledge on Mizzou Basketball's next opponent?  I know you are!  Check out the write-ups for Stetson's three games against major-conference competition:

  • Texas 68, Stetson 38 ("Stetson showed why it has the potential to be one of the top defensive programs in the nation this season by holding the 7th ranked University of Texas to 68 points Friday night in Austin.")
  • Florida State 79, Stetson 77 ("[A.J.] Smith made a layup with 42 seconds left in the game to get the Hatters to within two points. After a defensive stop at the other end Stetson had one last opportunity with nine seconds left to tie the game or win it with a 3-pointer. After driving the length of the floor Smith made a move for the basket and a layup in an attempt to draw a foul. There was plenty of contact yet as was the case most of the night the Hatters could not get a call from the ACC officials and the game ended.")
  • Miami 79, Stetson 65 ("Stetson shot a disappointing 33.8% from the field in a game where 50% or better would be necessary to pull an upset. It is a statistic that the Hatters will look to improve upon heading into the A-Sun conference schedule that begins this week. So far this season is averaging 34.2% from the field. ")

Finally, we go to the YouTubes to scour for a video of Mizzou's most recent football commitment, Jarrell Harrison: