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Mizzou Basketball: Fun with

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It's a wonderful time to be a stat nerd, I'll say that much.  Along with the wonders of and the College Basketball Prospectus book, another new player has emerged over the last year and a half:  It was a pretty decent site last year in its infancy, and the bar has been raised in Year 2.  I figured I'd use this post to show some of the fun things it can do...and some of the fun things I'm almost certain to start playing with more in the future...

You've got your game-to-game stats...

Your in-game flow stats...

Your year-to-year stats...

...and a ridiculous amount of rankings.  Here are Mizzou's best and worst national rankings...

Top National Ranks

1. Points Per Possession
3. Assists Per Game
3. Steal Pct
4. Steals Per Game
5. Assist to Turnover Ratio
6. "Floor Pct" (not sure what this is yet)
6. Points Per Game
13. Efficiency
18. Offensive Rebounds Per Game

Bottom National Ranks

334. Turnover Pct
298. Turnovers Per Game
273. Defensive Rebound Pct.
273. Free Throw Pct.
265. Team Rebounds Per game
239. Free Throw "Point Pct" (not sure what the difference between this and % is yet)
197. 3-Pt FG Pct.

Fun, huh?