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Mizzou Links, 12-18-08

Remember the other day, when I said that a handful of schools hog all the big-time recruits?  Well, we're getting to see that process in action.  Florida called Mizzou soft commit Sheldon Richardson the other day, relatively out-of-the-blue, and...

"I said, 'Well, yeah, of course,'" Richardson said. "It's Florida, man. I said, 'You stand a great chance.'"

So now Richardson, the top-rated defensive tackle and the fourth-best player in the 2009 class by, is looking at re-arranging his visit schedule to make it to Gainesville. There is no official date set, though.

Just the way it works, I guess.  He does also reaffirm that he really does like Mizzou, though, so I guess that's something...we'll see.

Also from PowerMizzou: a decent "hot board" of remaining potential recruits and when they might be coming for a visit.

It's a Dave Matter...MAILBAG!!!

Q: Dave, do you see Gahn McGaffey [sic] being a playmaker for us next year? Any chance Kemp grows into a TE? Thanks. - Brian

A: I was impressed with McGaffie's hands and elusiveness during preseason camp. If Maclin leaves, he's a guy I'd think can make plays out of the slot both running and receiving. Could be a nice returnman, too.

As for Kemp, I think he's fine at receiver, especially considering Jones and Egnew are in place at tight end. It's all semantics anyway. Of MU's three receiver spots and tight end position, all four are interchangeable and can line up anywhere on the field.

If Mizzou does manage to ink Richardson one year after landing Blaine Gabbert, they might be in the running for a third-straight recruiting season with a 5-star recruit: they're in the running for Bishop Miege's Justin McCay, and McCay's in the running for 5 stars, at least from

I realize we haven't moved past the inimitable Stetson Hatters yet, but it's probably time to start getting geared up for Braggin' we'll start by visiting the fantastic YouTube channel of dbooker34 (the ZouDave of basketball, only without the funny pics and, uhh, hot sister nevermind) for highlights of the best Braggin' Rights game ever...1993.  The audio's choppy, but a) the emotion is awesome and b) god bless the Checkerdome.

Finally, The Trib's Steve Walentik takes a look at how the change in the distance of the 3-point stripe has...not really changed too much.