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Monday Musings - The Tuesday Edition

Alright...I cannot guarantee how much I am going to touch on things here, as I dont have a ton of time.  So...let's say Tuesday is the bullet edition of the Monday Musings.


  • I just do not like the gold jerseys.  Did not like how they looked in the store when someone on T-board broke them.  Did not like how they looked on our guys dry.  Did not like how they looked at the end of a game.
  • Warrior-like effort from Chase Coffman.  I felt we did not need him to win.  Had other things been better, we probably did not need him...but if this is his last game, that was quite an effort.  And yes, that may be somewhat defeatist, but given his total lack of mobility after all of this time, I am not really confident he will see the field again.
  • Similar effort from Maclin...I will be curious to see his mobility going forward.
  • I have never seen a defensive secondary so out of touch with what their teammate was doing.  In game 1...OK.  In game 5, worrisome.  In game 12....absolutely mind-blowing.
  • It is exciting to see some of the records MU players are close to breaking.  Would love to see Derrick Washington get 20 rushing TD's this season with his 1,000 yards.
  • Exciting news for former OCDC...and shame on Mizzou fans who whined when they heard the news that Matt E. may not be a favorite for the position at Toledo.
  • I think I am out of bullets for football
  • I will be there this weekend in KC for the game against OU....I go in with only one hope...that the weather is good.
  • Make that two hopes...that they are not wearing those jerseys again

Men's Basketball:

  • Just the one game this week, which I listened to most of with Gary Link and Tom Ackerman on the 1's and 2's
  • Anyone know who Tom Ackerman is?
  • We sounded pretty decent, except for the defense on the one guy from Oral Roberts.
  • Free throw shooting still worries me just a tad
  • I am hoping we get to see more of the new players in the next game against Ark P-B, as we really will need them for the game against Cal coming up later.
  • I did not even bother to check the attendance figure, but I do not think it was probably really good.  I am sure the Ark P-B game wont be either...but a decent crowd against Cal might help the team.
  • I have been quite pleased with our turnover numbers...certainly helps combat the fact we will not rebound that well this season.
  • Just looking for improvement later tonight...but looking for a win over Cal.  Time to take the next step.
  • I just noticed we played the Golden Eagles, and will now play the Golden Lions and Golden Bears....strange.  I guess we needed to play the Golden Flashes after that.

Women's Basketball:

  • We lost a triple OT thriller on Friday Holy Cross
  • With the loss, we both went to 1-4
  • We went 9-17 from the FT line and 10-32 from 3-point range
  • Alyssa Hollins scored her 1,000th point in the game
  • We outrebounded HC by 22 boards...including 17 on the offensive end...and lost.  That might be the highest rebound margin for a loss I have ever seen.
  • The Tigers did come back the next night to beat Northwestern, making each team 2-4 on the season.
  • Jessra Johnson led the team in scoring with 19 as Hollins only went 3-12 from the floor.
  • We went 7-15 from the FT line.


  • Stay tuned tomorrow for the Wednesday Wrestling Wrap-Up...and yes...I waited the extra days just so I could have the aliteration.

Coming up This Week:

  • Men's and Women's hoops are both in action, along with the return of swimming at the Mizzou Invite.  Football of course is in action, and wrestling has the week off.

Random Thoughts:

  • Figured the Jets would lose to a lesser team after getting past two bigger ones.  Nice to see the Patriots lose though, but them losing to PIttsburgh likely means the Jets need to play the 1st weekend if they win the division.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals raised ticket prices...again.  That just kinda blows my mind.
  • Minnesota Vikings have done a nice job of turning things around after really thinking Tavarus Jackson could be a serviceable QB.
  • WOW did the football games on Thursday suck
  • I started watching the OU/OSU game just after OU scored on the tip for the long TD.  It was really fun to watch the next quarter or so of action, as the teams went back and forth.
  • With the week up in MN, I cannot say I paid attention to much else....oh well