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Monday Musings - The Short SHORT Version

First off, a bonus point to anyone who knows the movie I am referencing right there.

Anyway, only two GAMES this week for all the Mizzou teams, neither of which I saw, both of which we won.  And as I am currently fighting off some illness and am a day behind in work, and still have the Bowl Pick 'Em to update, well...let's just say you are not going to get a lot of wonderful info out of me this week.  What can I say, I am into Holiday Mode already.

So, let's get to it...what "it" there is anyway.

Men's Basketball:

I guess I lied at the top of the page in saying I did not see either of the games.  I saw the first 8 minutes of this game and I suppose I really wish I had not.  Just awful and sloppy basketball.  However, clearly everything turned out fine as we put up 51 points in the last 20 minutes to run away with another win.  In the end, 9-1 equals 9-1 and we will see if Mizzou can crack the top 25 (with Davidson, Memphis and Miami losing, but Minnesota winning, we have a shot, but it will be close) leading into a suddenly pretty relevant Braggin Rights Game.

Looking over the stats and the little I know about this game:

  • Stetson is a terrible shooting team, but ONE assist?  Egad
  • I think we only had two turnovers in about the last 30 minutes
  • 30-59 from the field = good.
  • 7-17 from 3 pt. range = perfectly acceptable
  • 11-21 from FT line = not good
  • 1 person over 20 minutes = always good
  • 7409 = too bad

Anyway....and I realize this is probably going to be too strong a statement, but I am putting a lot on this next game.  Yes, we have already won a couple of decent games on the season, but this is a game I REALLY want to win and one which I believe would further propel us as our schedule is not too tough until a roadie to Okie State a MONTH from now (after this game).  Win and...well...the wins SHOULD keep on coming (and not to say they wont if we don't win this game, but you certainly become pretty nationally relevant if you are ripping off double-digit winning streaks).  But it is time for this team, this coach, this program to win this game.

Women's Basketball:

Speaking of winning streaks, the women's team is on one right now, and continued it with a pretty impressive come-from-behind effort yesterday over the 9-2 Arkansas down in Fayetteville.  Down by 8 with only four minutes to go, Mizzou tore off a 14-4 run to finish the game and win it 56-55.  Helping out the run was a 3-pointer by Alyssa Hollins (only her 2nd out of 12 attempts) and the team going 6-6 from the FT line (only 14-26 for the game).  The win was the 5th in a row for the Tigers who are now 6-4 after opening 1-4

Jessra Johnson led the team in scoring and boards with 17 and 9, while Hollins kicked in 16 for the Tigers.  Overall, the team only shot 32 percent for the game from the field and 20 percent from 3-point range.  However, where Arkansas turned it over 24 times, the Tigers only coughed it up 13 times, and in a game this close, that makes a big difference.

The ladies are now off the entire next week, with their next game coming on Monday, December 29th against SEMO.  Seeing as the game was scheduled for 7pm, but was moved because of the bowl game, the Tigers will compete at 3pm that afternoon.  Admission is free, so while you are wringing your hands getting ready for the football action, stop by Mizzou Arena and cheer them on.  They have three out of conference games remaining and getting there at 9-4 would pretty lovely considering their start.

On tap this week:

Two games from the men's team (Tuesday and Saturday afternoon vs., SIU-E)...that's it.  Enjoy the holidays!

Random Thoughts:

  • In my fantasy football league championship game, I appear to have out-thought myself and probably cost myself the championship.
  • My Devils are red-hot right now, winners of 12 of their last 15.  Three HUGE games this week against Boston, Pittsburgh and at the Rangers.  If only I could watch them on TV every now and again...
  • My Jets, on the other hand...typical Jet December tank-job.  Thankfully I dont get to see any of THAT action.
  • The vitriol (and deservedly so) against the Rams in my local media is reaching an amazing level from week to week.  At least KC appears to be entertaining in losing.  The last year's Mizzou team still has more wins than STL and TWO seasons. (in FIFTY fewer games)
  • Gartrell Cooper of Colorado
  • The first update to the Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest will be coming here in a little bit.  No one made it through the first five games without a loss, and everyone won at least 1 pick as well.