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Mizzou Links, 12-26-08

Pretty sure The Boy is still sleeping off his Christmas Feast down in OKC, and lord only knows where RPT might be, so yours truly will try to find you SOME Mizzou news on this day after Christmas...hope yours was full of Crown Royal like mine was. checks in from San Antonio and wishes everyone a happy holidays.  This piece also lays out exactly how much Bowl Swag the team will receive from both the Alamo Bowl and the school.  Also interesting to know what the limits are and what the BCS games get. gets down and dirty with a "Tiger Six Pack" as well as a defensive breakdown of Northwestern

 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch brings you down the day after the holiday with their version of "What Went Wrong" with the football team this past season.

 The KC Star puts you back in a good mood however with their Tiger Wishlist for 2009, as well as a great piece on MU kicker Jeff Wolfert

 Over to the Chicago Tribune for a nice feature on John Gill, who evidently is part Indian and also was born rather large.

And seeing as the Illinois basketball game never happened...that is about all I got.  Happy Holidays!