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Mizzou Links, 12-29-08

Sorry for the late linky goodness...let's get to it.

 Alamo Bowl Stuff!!

 And our friends at Powermizzou have all things football recruiting...including some fun news

  • First off, a committment! Mizzou is able to grab their first East St. Louis athlete in some time in DL prospect Ty Phillips.  Will he be the last from this class from East St. Louis?
  • The Rivals Network covers the freaky athleticism of Mizzou commit Sheldon Richardson down at the All-American  Bowl in...where else...San Antonio, TX.

 Let's cover a little Mizzou Basketball too....

 Midlands Tourney Preview from, and we will aim to keep you up to date this morning and afternoon with results.

I think that should about cover us for today. blogging later this evening, along with updates on the Bowl Pick 'Em once I can get to them :-)