Midlands Day 1 - Morning Session Coverage

The brackets are out, and I imagine action is just starting.  I really do not yet know where I will be getting match information from, but I will lay out the first bouts for the 13 Tigers who are wrestling today here:

125: Troy Dolan is byed through the 1st round and will wrestle JJ Krutsinger (unattached from Iowa) in the next round.  Krutsinger is an RS-Frosh.  Dolan's nearest ranked wrestler is #3 James Donaldson from ODU (to whom Dolan lost a 3-0 decision earlier this season) who he would get in the next round.

133: #19 Todd Schavrien drew #7 seeded Jimmy Conroy of Pitt in his 1st round bout.  Conroy is ranked 14th in the county, so this should be a solid match.

141: TOUGH draw for #14 Marcus Hoehn, who gets byed in the first round, only to have to wrestle #2 seeded (but #1 ranked) Alex Tsirtsis of Iowa in the next round

149: ANOTHER tough draw for a Mizzou wrestler, as Andrew Sherry gets #2 seeded and #6 ranked Jake Patacsil of Purdue in his first match of the tourney.

157: Emanuel Brooks is in this bracket (remember...he wrestled the Big XII's last year at 174) and gets a bye to start.  He would face the winner of Kyle John (Maryland) and Nick Kolegraff (Iowa)  John wrestled Chandler earlier this season and lost a 22-7 tech fall.  Closest ranked wrestler to Brooks is #4 seed and #16 ranked Jason Welch of Northwestern.  As for Chandler, he is seeded #3 and will face Josh Moulton of E. Michigan

165: #2 seed Nick Marable is byed in his first bout, and will face the winner of Deberry (AZ St.))/ Crozier (Air Force).  Looks like no Patrick Wright, which I guess does surprise me a little, but nice experience for Brooks.

174: #2 seed Raymond Jordan gets the first round off before facing Mike Ward of Rider.

184: Dorian Henderson will receive a bye in the first round before facing the winner of Sterling Tribble (Air Force) and #4 seeded-but not ranked Doug Umbehauer.  Doug is not ranked I believe because he has yet to wrestle this season.

197: #2 seed Max Askren will get the first round off and take on Jake Cranford of AZ. State to start his action

HWY: Dom Bradley is seeing action today, though not in the 1st round.  He will face Eric Thompson who is from Iowa State (though not their starter either).  His closest ranked opponent would be in the following round against #1 seed/ranked David Zabriskie of...Iowa State.  As for #2 seed Mark Ellis, he is at the bottom of the bracket and will get the 1st round off before taking on Christian Brantley from Northern Iowa.

Well...the release said we were bringing 13...but I could only find 12.  If you can find the 13th in here then have at it.

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