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MU Football Records Chase (Final Update)

It's been real fun to cover this all did Mizzou and all these amazing athletes finish up after the Alamo Bowl?  And how many players can I link in one post?

National Passing Yardage:

6. Kevin Kolb_________''03-'06______12964

7. Tim Rattay_________'97-'99______12746

8. Luke McCown_______'00-'03_____12666

9. Chris Redman______'96-'99______12541

10. Chase Daniel______'05-'08______12515


Not quite the final two games I had in mind when I put this list together, as I figured Chase would end up around Rattay.  However, top 10 all time is top 10 all time.



National Completions:

1. Timmy Chang________'00-'04________1388

2. Graham Harrell_______active________1367

3. Kliff Kingsbury________'99-'02________1231

4. Philip Rivers_________'00-'03________1147

5. Colt Brennan_________'05-'07________1115

6. Chase Daniel_________'05-'08_______1094


27 completions in each of his last two games, and though the yards per completion ends up being down a bit, no one can ever take away how truly accurate Chase was over the span of his career.  And an early congrats to Graham Harrell for breaking this record.



National TD Passes:

6. Danny Wuerffel________'93-'96______114

7. Chase Daniel_________'05-'08______101


Never a bigger TD than his 101st, and another top 10 all-time finish for Chase.  Nice to see him get to 100, that is a tremendous accomplishment.



National TD's Responsible For:

1. Colt Brennan________'05-'07________146

2. Graham Harrell______active________142

3. Ty Detmer__________'88-'91________135

4. Timmy Chang_______'00-'04________123

5. Danny Wueffel_______'93-'96________122

6. Chase Clement______'05-'08________120

7. Tim Rattay__________'97-'99________117

8. Phillip Rivers________'00-'03________113

9. Chase Daniel_______'05_'08________111

10. Matt Leinart________'02-'05_________108


This is not an official NCAA list, but my best and certainly a pretty educated guess.  I would be pretty shocked if anyone else is in front of Chase at this point, but I suppose it is possible.  At any rate, another category, another top 10 all-time finish for him.



Total Offense: (National and Mizzou)

1. Timmy Chang_______'00-'04_____16910

2. Graham Harrell______active_____15192

3. Colt Brennan________'05-'07_____14740

4. Ty Detmer__________'88-'91_____14665

5. Kevin Kolb__________'03-'06_____13715

6. Philip Rivers________'00-'03_____13582

7. Chase Daniel _______‘05-08 _____13486

8. Brad Smith _________ ‘02-05 ____ 13088


Last time out I said Chase had a decent shot at Rivers....did not quite get there.   Still, the last TWO Mizzou QB's are in some pretty elite company in the 13,000 yard club.



All-Purpose Yardage:

1. Jeremy Maclin_______'07-'08_____5609

2. Brad Smith _________ ‘02-05 _____ 4419

3. Devin West _________ ‘95-98 _____ 3824

4. Brock Olivo _________ ‘94-97 _____ 3475

5. Zack Abron __________‘00-03 _____ 3426

6. Darrell Wallace ______ ‘84-87 _____ 3303

7. Joe Stewart _________‘74-77 _____ 3256

8. Tony Temple_________'04-'07_____3138

9. James Wilder _______‘78-80 _____ 2769

10. Justin Gage________'99-'02______2737

11. Chase Coffman_____'05-'08_____2720


Of course the punt return ends up being the big chunk for Maclin, who never really got going too much in the passing game yesteday.  I am guessing this record stands for some time, the only lingering question remaining is if there is any shot Maclin returns to add on to it and take a run at the national books.  Chase Coffman was a gamer all season and just missed out on the top 10, which he certainly would have earned (likely 9th) if not for injury.



(National and Mizzou) Receptions:

30. John Standeford_______'00-'03_____249     

31. Nate Burleson_________'00-'02_____248      

       Eric Deslauriers_______'02-'06_____248



1.Chase Coffman (TE) ____'05-08______ 247

2. Martin Rucker (TE) ______ ‘04-07_____ 203 

3. Justin Gage __________ ‘99-02______ 200

4. Jeremy Maclin________'07-'08______182

5. Kenny Holly __________ ‘90-93_______151

6. Tommy Saunders______'05-'08______150

7. Will Franklin __________ ‘04-07______ 143

8. Victor Bailey___________'90-'92______128

9. Thomson Omboga______'01-'04______127

10. Brian Sallee___________'91-'94_____119

11. Sean Coffey__________'02-'05______118


7 catches for Coffman gets him to 33rd all-time nationally

7 catches for Maclin keep him at 4th all-time at Mizzou

6 catches for Saunders keeps him at 6th all-time at Mizzou....quite the trio we will (likely) be replacing.



(National and Mizzou) Receiving Yardage:

1. Ibn Green (national TE)____'96-'99_____2830


1. Justin Gage ____________‘99-02_____2704

2. Chase Coffman (TE) _____ ‘05-08_____2659
3. Jeremy Maclin__________'07-'08_____2315

4. Martin Rucker (TE) _______ ‘04-07_____2175

5. Victor Bailey ____________ ‘90-92_____2144

6. Will Franklin ____________ ‘04-07_____2125

7. Linzy Collins ____________ ‘89-90_____1760

8. Kenny Holly ____________ ‘90-93_____1708

9. Tommy Saunders_______'05-'08_____1600

10. Sean Coffey ___________ ‘02-05______1596

11. Mel Gray _____________ ‘68-70______1491

12. Hank Burnine __________ ‘53-55_____1445


Saunders just sneaks by Coffey into 9th place, and Coffman does not miss Gage by much.  In the end, it is kind of scary to think we are replacing 579 career receptions and 6574 career yards between the three.



Receiving TD's:

1. Chase Coffman (TE) _____ ‘05-08_______ 30

2. Jeremy Maclin__________'07-'08_______22

3.. Martin Rucker (TE) _______ ‘04-07______ 18

    Justin Gage ____________ ‘99-02______ 18

5. Mel Gray _______________68-70_______ 14

6. Will Franklin ____________ ‘04-07______ 13

    Sean Coffey ____________ ‘02-05______ 13

8. Victor Bailey ____________ ‘90-92______ 12

    Dwayne Blakley _________ ‘98-01______ 12

10. Tommy Saunders_______'05-'08______11

       Gibler, Marshall and Winslow__________10


Maclin adds perhaps a final one to his total, as he caught 13 on the season.



Kicker Scoring:

13. Alex Trlica___________'04-'07______377

14. Xavier Beitia_________'01-'04______375

15. Jeff Hall_____________'95-'98_____371

      Shayne Graham______'96-'99______371

17. Steve Azar___________'00-'03______370

      Justin Ayat___________'01-'04______370

19. Stephen Gostkowki____'02-'05______369

20. Luis Zendejas________'81-'84______368

      Jeff Chandler_________'97-'01______368

22. Jeff Wolfert__________ ‘06-08_____ 362

23. Colt David___________active_______361

       Shaun Swisham______'04-'04______361

25. Nate Kaeding_________'00-'03______360

26. Jeff Jeager___________'83-'86______358

       Dusty Mangum________'01-'04______358

28. Justin Medlock________'02-'06______357

29. Brett Jaekle__________active_______356


Oh sweet are  The most accurate kicker in NCAA history (and by a couple of percentage points) misses his last FG attempt.  Just has to make you laugh and remember you will always be a Mizzou fan.  Anyway, a pretty big evening nonetheless for Wolfert, who scores 12 points and moves up smartly on this list.  With Jaekle (Nevada) and David (LSU) still to kick, Wolfert is guaranteed to finish top 25 nationally.  And think about it...362 points in three seasons...the all-time record is Art Carmody of Louisville with 433 points...certainly WELL within range had Wolfert kicked all four seasons.




1. Brian Smith__________'03-'06_____31.5

2. Justin Smith_________'98-'00_____22.5

     Stryker Sulak________'05-'08_____22.5

4. Lorenzo Williams_____'04-'07_____19

5. Rick Lyle____________'90-'93______18

6. Bobby Bell___________'81-'83______17
    Steve Martin__________'92-'95______17

    Antwaun Bynum_______'00-'02______17

9. Xzavie Jackson_______'03-'06______16.5

10 C.J. Mosley__________'02-'04______15.5

     Ziggy Hood_________'05-'08______15.5


5 sacks in the game for the Tigers, with Sulak's two tying him with Justin Smith and Hood's one getting him into the Tiger top 10 with C.J. Mosley.  Will Sulak and Hood join their Tiger brothers in the NFL next season?




1. Adrian Jones________'86-'89________15

2. Ken Baston_________'63-'65________14

    Bill Whitaker_________'77-'80________14

4. Erik McMillan________'84-'87_________13

5. Eric Wright__________'78-'80________11

    William Moore______'05-'08_________11

7. Roger Wehrli________'66-'68________10

    Harold Piersey_______'95-'98________10

    Kevin McIntosh_______'91-'94________10


A bit more irony that Willy Mo dropped the last pass of the game, which certainly did end the game, but could have moved him past Eric Wright and into 5th all alone here.