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Mizzou Links, 12-30-08 (The '30 Wins in Three Years' Edition)

And six hours later, I'm back up to work on the Links...thank god we won that game last took me about an hour and a half to get my heart rate down enough to go to sleep, and I'm going to need to buy a couple extra cups of coffee from Lakota this morning, but...winner winner, chicken dinner.

First of all, if you haven't checked out last night's open thread and live blog, you should do so.  It's worth your time.  Ahh, the ups-and-downs of sporting events.

(I still hate Mediacom, by the way.)

And now to the real links...

2008 Alamo Bowl Champions Links!

Alamo Photo galleries!

Are you serious, Jason Whitlock?  Is that Ball State loss to Buffalo still sticking in your craw?  Nothing you said was technically incorrect, but...we won!  We could have lost the Alamo Bowl like CU did to Wisconsin, or KSU did to Purdue, but we didn't.  We won.

And..."The Tigers have mastered the art of beating weak teams and sneaking past decent ones. We’ll call the Wildcats decent."  Really?  This year, we officially "snuck by" a whole two "decent" teams--Baylor and Northwestern...NW'ern being comfortably better than Baylor.  We beat a "decent" Nebraska team by 35 (was 42 until the final play of the game).  A "decent" Nevada team by 52.  A "decent" Buffalo team (that ruined your beloved Cardinals' dream season) by 21.  A "decent" Illinois team by 10 (was 17 until the final play of the game).  They've "snuck by" teams to the tune of 22 wins in two years--30 in three. That's so terrible--you're absolutely right.  Pinkel needs to accomplish more before he thinks about celebrating.

They might not have been as good as they were supposed to be this year--okay, they definitely weren't--but...they could have lost this game 26 different ways, and they didn't.  They shouldn't celebrate that?  They should have just refused the trophy, showered in shame, and gone home?  Really?  Enjoy the GMAC Bowl there, bud.

Finally, quickly to basketball to wash the taste of that lame column out of our mouths...all hail Jarrett Sutton, pick-up gamer extraordinaire...