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Mizzou Links, 12-4-08

Quick programming note--I'm thinking the OU-MU BTBS preview won't be up until tomorrow...


mizzouman99 asks: It's obvious that Matt Eberflus isn't going anywhere this off-season. With the recent struggles of the defense this season you have to think this coaching staff has to point to the scheme we are using as one of the key problems.

What do you think the chances are that Coach Pinkel calls for wholesale changes to the defensive scheme in the off-season, similar to the way we changed to the spread offense in 2005? Do you think there is a scheme that would help the effectiveness of our blitzing that they might consider due to the athleticism we have coming in the underclassmen?

I don't know if you'll see wholesale changes, but there have to be adjustments certainly. We've talked about the defense ad nauseum and the bottom line was it didn't play up to its potential. How much of that is the fault of the players and how much the scheme and the coaching? I don't know the answer to that, but I think it's priority number one in the off-season to figure it out.

Again, Eberflus = Pinkel.  Eberflus is only executing the Pinkel philosophy.  He's not going anywhere, nor does he need to.  They tinker with the on offense and defense very year.  Sometimes the adjustments work, sometimes they don't.  The defensive adjustments they made this season (discussed at least somewhat in yesterday's roundtable) didn't work, though again--this is still an average to above average defense in a ridiculously offense-oriented conference.

I may change my mind about this later, but if we end up playing a Northwestern or somebody like that in the Alamo Bowl, I have the feeling we'll be blown away by how athletic and fast our defense looks after getting used to seeing some of the Big 12 offenses we played against this year.


Still annoyed by the coaches' All-Big 12 team?  The AP team is out soon (ballots were due Sunday)--here's Dave Matter's ballot.  And yes, I'd have linked to this even if he'd picked Gresham over Coffman...

Today's OU Links!

Toledo has made its choice, and it is indeed a Big 12 defensive coordinator.  It's Tim Beckman, whose absence I'm thinking could make a huge difference at OSU.  I was tremendously impressed with Beckman's performance this year., do I love rumors.  After Broderick Green listed Mizzou as a possible transferring-from-USC destination a while back, now apparently Vidal Hazelton has as well. Hazelton has just one catch since USC's season opener against Virginia (he's been nagged by injuries)--he had 50 catches for 540 yards and 4 TDs last year.

Hazelton initially went to high school in Staten Island, and Rutgers is the closest school to Staten Island on his list (MU, Rutgers, Tech), so you have to figure they're the safest bet, know...I'd still take my chances if he wanted to come here.