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Mizzou Links, 12-5-08

Certainly the most interesting article from the last 24 hours is this Trib link about the Mizzou secondary's communication issues during the KU game.

Sophomore cornerback Carl Gettis recalled a number of instances against KU where one or two players missed the defensive play call from the sideline and teammates. Other times, said cornerback Castine Bridges, the wrong play was signaled.

"For some reason, we slacked off," said Bridges, who suffered a season-ending torn medial colateral ligament in the game. "Some guys were playing the wrong calls. Some guys were calling Cover 2 instead of Cover 3."

Jackson wondered if some players were too caught up in the rivalry’s intensity to persistently concentrate on the game’s mental side.

"For a couple of plays, we would be communicating, and then after that, I’d look at" safety Justin "Garrett and he wasn’t even looking at me," Jackson said. "So everyone was really just trying to make sure they were doing their job. It’s against Kansas. A lot of emotions are flying. We were just really wanting to win, and it was hard to focus in on the call each different play."

How did that work out?

"It seemed like every time we didn’t get a call, that’s when a big play came," he said. "We’re going to have to do a better job."

The good news, of course, is that the two people in the article who seemed to be the most together were a sophomore (Gettis) and a freshman (Jackson), but...yeah, might want to get that hammered out.  I hear OU's, uhh, not too bad at passing the ball.

OU Links!

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Also regarding the OU game...the Missourian mentions one reason for Mizzou hope: 2003 KANSAS STATE!!!!!!!  Just know where you heard that first.

Nothing earth-shattering in this article, but the P-D has a nice summary of the Big 12 Championship's history of upsets...

Also nothing earth-shattering here,, I'm going to miss the "Isn't Chase Coffman amazing?" articles.  We've only got a month left with him...

Finally, there aren't a lot of new names or anything, but check out Mizzou's status with a lot of recruits in this week's Chamber...