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Live Thread: Mizzou vs. Oklahoma

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Mizzou Gameday at the Big 12 Championship:

Who: No. 19 Missouri Tigers (9-3, 5-3) vs. No. 4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-1, 7-1)
Where: Arrowhead Stadium (Capacity 77,038)
When: 7:10 p.m. CST
Line: Missouri by 17.0




Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike "To The House" Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: ABC HD (Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit, Lisa Salters)
 Hourly Forecast
Online trackers: CSTVESPN
SBN affiliate: Crimson and Cream Machine

Make Rock M Nation your base of operations tonight and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations by signing up for a free account. The national title dreams have been off the table since mid-October, but Missouri still stands 60 minutes of football from its first Big 12 title. Can the Tigers send a jolt through the BCS and shock the college football world?

Fight Tigers... Rock, Flag and Eagle!


Today's motivational video comes from one of my favorite sports movies of all time..

"Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em, 10 times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight...

This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great football team Oklahoma has. Screw 'em! This is your time, now go out there and take it!



6:47 - This is a strange feeling. I'm not sure I've been this resigned to defeat since last year's trip to Norman. The 5-year old optimist in me (who somehow hasn't been stomped to death despite last year's Big 12 title game, every major Mizzou football game before 2007, Game 7 of the 2000 NBA Western Conference Finals, the kicked ball, the 2002 Elite Eight game, the fifth down, Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS, and every other crushing disappointment that has happened to the teams I call my own) will still be disappointed if we lose, but...yeah. I know two things for sure: I hate OU, and I'm assuming we're going to lose this game.

I'm also assuming that, since I've been hoping all year for OU's redshirt freshman TE Trent Ratterree (the little bro of my high school best friend) to catch a pass, he's finally going to do Probably either on a third down or for a touchdown. Because that's how much I feel the Sports God hates me.

I also know this: this team has it in them somewhere. I'd obviously feel better if Chase Coffman were 100% (for once), and if we hadn't just lost to Kansas, but...this team has it in them.

So with that, it's time to sit back and prepare for the game...with video assistance...

Cross your fingers.

7:02 - Awesome.  They just did a promo for tonight's game, and it had more Texas and Texas Tech highlights than Missouri highlights.  (Yes, it was a "This was the Big 12 season" package...still amused me.)

7:05 - As we wait through the pregame show (I can't wait to hear what Craig James thinks about the game!), let's review my keys to the game:

  1. Limit the OU run--make them as one-dimensional as humanly possible.
  2. Tackle really freaking well.
  3. Move the ball on 1st-and-10.
  4. Take the seven points OU gives away (kick returns).
  5. Please, for the love of god, don't hand them anything.

7:07 - I hope one day people are as bored of our winning the North as they are of Virginia Tech winning their division.  I swear, I doze off the moment I see the "VT" helmet at this point.  Hokie narcolepsy.

7:08 - Craig James: "Urban Meyer: man, the guy's a good football coach."  Yes.  Yes he is.

7:09 - Flutie just mentioned that Sam Bradford throws a TD pass every 8.5 attempts.  Wow.  I'd never thought of it like that...yikes.

7:10 - Mizzou enters the field...they just showed a Mizzou fan with a sign that said "Avenge 4 Big XII Champs."  Huh?

7:11 - Wow, some empty seats at the tops of the stadium.  Meanwhile, there's an OU sign: "It's Always aBout Class."  Uh huh.  Sure.  SOONER MAGIC!!1!!!!!1!!!!

7:13 - Sheesh, start the damn game remembering why I normally skip the pregame show...

7:15 - Herbstreit said that the cold weather might help with Sam Bradford's hand because it might numb it.  Um, it's 30 degrees(ish)...not 4.  You can still feel 30 degrees.  (And besides, if you can't feel your hand, it's probably hard to field snaps, right?)

First Quarter

7:16 - Time for kickoff!  Thank god!  And we're kicking off!  You mean we're actually allowed to start the second half with the ball?  DeMarco Murray returns out to about the 35.  Honestly, I'll take anything inside the 40.  Alright...tackle, guys.  That's all I ask.

7:17 - First play: William Moore sticks Jermaine Gresham for a 3-yard gain.  I'll take it.

7:17 - Second play: Play action pass to Gresham for a first down, but Garrett stuck him again.  Keep hitting.

7:18 - Third play: Kenji Jackson sticks Chris Brown after a game of four.  Keep hitting.  Jar that ball loose.

7:18 - Fourth play: Ryan Broyles with a nice bounce outside for another first down, but...yup, they stuck him.  (I'm trying to stay optimistic, can you tell?)

7:19 - Fifth play: Nice hole on a freeze...Chris Brown for 10 yards and a first down.  They really are automatic in the first quarter, huh?

7:20 - Sixth and seventh plays: two five yard gains.  JAR THAT BALL LOOSE.

7:20 - Two runs for Mossis Madu  Either way, awesome blocking, and it's just about first and goal.

7:21 - UGH...Bradford threw too high for Gresham, and Carl Gettis could have picked it if he knew Gresham was going to tip it up...there was our chance.  They'll score now.

7:22 - Third-and-goal from the 8: complete (really?  He wasn't out of bounds?) to Brown, but he was out at the 4.  I guess there's a challenge here, but...hey, they're going to kick a field goal, so I don't care.  FGs for OU = victory.  (Meanwhile, it does appear that DeMarco Murray hurt his left knee at least somewhat, which is why Madu was in the game.)

7:25 - The call is confirmed: complete pass.  Fourth down regardless.  Don't fake it, OU.

7:25 - Possibly the ugliest field goal I've ever seen is good.  3-0 OU.  Seriously, it almost hit the crossbar.  It was a 21-yard field goal.  They should only get two points for that.

7:29 - Alright, kickoff return #1 for Jeremy Maclin.  Or not.  Pooch to Jimmy Jackson, who gets it out to the 39.  Come on, #10...

7:29 - First play: a lovely 6-yard run for Derrick Washington.  YARDS ON FIRST DOWN!!!

7:30 - Second play: a drop by Chase Coffman?  Huh.  It was a low pass, but...huh.

7:30 - Third play (ggh): Complete to Maclin for a first down!  Dink and dunk!  I really do want to see us run what KU ran against us last week...dink and dunk, dink and dunk...

7:31 - Eight yards for Derrick Washington!  YARDS ON FIRST DOWN!!!

7:32 - QB sneak by Chase for a first down!  MU to the OU 34...

7:32 - Four more yards for D-Wash on first down, then four for Maclin on second down.

7:33 - Third-and-2...pretty obvious QB sneak, and Chase is stuck in the backfield.  Fourth down.  Oh wait...flags on the penalties.  Fourth down.  Would be a 48-yarder for Wolfert...

7:34 - Wolfert's 48-yarder is...short?  Really?  Ugh.  About 3 inches short.  Still 3-0.

7:38 - Nice defense for two plays by Missouri, and it's quickly 3rd-and-9 for OU.  Have to make them pay for these.

7:39 - Nice!  Pressure by Hood and Sulak, and Bradford (who has looked awful on his last four throws) throws poorly to Chris Brown.  OU to punt!  Uh oh, another late flag...personal foul on Ryan Broyles!  Woohoo!  It wasn't on us!

7:39 - Mike Knall shanks it, and Mizzou will have it at the OU 40.  Yaaaay!

7:41 - Second-and-10 after Chase has to throw one away...Washington is swallowed up.  Third-and-12.  Just don't turn the ball over.

7:42 - Daniel escapes pressure but is lit up for a two yard gain.  OU kinda lucky they didn't get a helmet-to-helmet call there.  Sooner Magic, I guess.

7:44 - Decent punt by Jake Harry...OU to start at their 10.  MU's had the ball in OU territory twice and has 0 points.  Not cool.

7:45 - Seven yards for Chris Brown.  I know why I never watch line-blocking...I always see a hold that isn't called.  Tommy Chavis got flipped around and almost lifted off the ground.

7:46 - Quentin Chaney battles for extra yards and bobbles the ball, but it lands in his lap.  Dammit.

7:47 - They just reviewed...something...on that play.  Whatever.  First down.

7:48 - Ryan Broyles to midfield.  Bradford's passes are looking rather crisp again.

7:48 - Gresham inside the MU 40.  Why is Hardy Ricks out there?  He looks completely lost.  Or...he looks like Hardy Ricks.

7:48 - Wow, OU's already inside the MU 20.  That didn't take long.  We've had the ball in their territory twice, and it's about to be 10-0.

7:49 - Chris Brown to the 2.  Now we're trying to go for the hit (which is fine), but we're not even trying to wrap up.

7:50 - TD, Chris Brown.  We read the play nicely, and he just froze and let us run right by.  Crafty kid.  I hate him, but crafty kid.  10-0.

7:53 - It's going to be hard for Jeremy Maclin to fulfill my goal of breaking a big kick return if Jimmy Jackson keeps fielding the kicks.  Mizzou starts at their 28.

7:53 - Uh oh...oopty oop formation.  I don't like this...

...well, it was just a typical sack of Daniel instead of some huge Oopty Oop Disaster, so I guess that's a small victory.  3rd-and-10, however, is never going to be successful for Mizzou...

7:54 - ...woohoo, reverse jinx works.  Jailbreak screen to Tommy Saunders, who picks up blocks and goes for 15 yards.  Whew.  I did not want to be down 17-0 before the end of the quarter.

7:55 - Weird little flea flicker...Daniel overthrows Danario Alexander (tough to do), but OU's flagged for interference.  Interesting.  He got grabbed...could have been holding...but it definitely wasn't PI...way uncatchable.  I mean, great call.  MU to the OU 42.  SCORE THIS TIME.

7:56 - De'Vion Moore in the game for the last play of Q1...Heh, Moore runs really hard...right into his blocker.  Two-yard gain, end of Q1.

Second Quarter

8:01 - Mizzou starts the second quarter with a 3rd-and-9...Chase Coffman, where are you...

...pass to Saunders, who holds his ground and gets the first down.  Tommy Saunders is the Honorary Flying Nunchuk tonight.  Mizzou to the OU 30.

8:02 - Timeout, OU.  Guess they didn't like the blitz they were quite obviously about to run.  Oh yeah, and Auston English is on the field (he's been hurt the last couple weeks).  Awesome.  Because OU's defensive line wasn't dominating us enough.

8:05 - Why is the national title trophy on the sidelines at Arrowhead?  YOU MEAN WE COULD WIN THE NATIONAL TITLE TONIGHT???

8:05 - Nice...pass to Andrew Jones for 7 on 2nd-and-8.  I like the short third downs.  Just don't run another QB sneak.

8:06 - Uhh...another trick formation for Mizzou.  Quick pass to Washington, who dodges one tackle, but not the second.  Oh yeah, and Mizzou was flagged for illegal formation.  But instead of giving Mizzou a 4th-and-2, they take the penalty, and it's 3rd-and-7.

8:07 - Quick strike to Maclin, who finds a seam and goes for 6!  Nice!  We reeeeeeeally needed that.  Tommy Saunders is flagged for a "non-contact penalty", whatever that is, but whatever.  Mizzou had to score, and they did.  10-7.

8:12 - Thanks to the penalty, Wolfert kicks off from the 15...OU returns it out near midfield.

8:14 - Eight yards to Manny Johnson on 2nd-and-10, and it's third down from the Mizzou 45...

8:14 - Flare pass to Brown, who just barely gets to the sticks before getting knocked out of bounds by Weatherspoon.

8:15 - Wow, PERFECT coverage downfield by Carl Gettis...second down for OU.

8:15 - Of course, 2nd-and-10 is not a big deal for Sam Bradford.  Easy strike to Jermaine Gresham.  And a late hit to boot.  OU to the MU 14.  Probably too much to ask for another FG.  OU's already taken their one for the game.

8:16 - Two short runs by Chris Brown, and it's 3rd-and-6 for OU...the refs have called timeout to bring the two teams together to say "KEEP THE PEACE!!!"  Back to the action...

8:17 - Wow...fantastic coverage by Mizzou, but NO pass rush whatsoever.  Eventually Iglesias comes open in the endzone.  TD OU.  Another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, this time on Iglesias...OU's turn to kick off from their 15.  17-7 OU.

8:21 - Woohoo, Maclin gets to field a real room to run, but he squirts through to the OU 47.  And another timeout by OU.  Weird.

8:24 - Crap...I just ran to take a quick pee...didn't realize it was a 30-second timeout.  All I missed, though, was a Chase Daniel fumble.  Dammit.  OU has the dagger in their hand now...

8:25 - And just like that, it's first-and-goal.  Sigh.

8:26 - Third-and-goal after the Mizzou defense does nice in eating up a sort screen.  Carl Gettis playing his heart out right now, but we've had the ball four times in OU territory and scored 7 points.  The soon-to-be 24-7 deficit is not the defense's fault.

8:27 - TD.  24-7.

8:28 - Um, Brent...of COURSE the orange that just got thrown onto the field by a random OU fan was symbolic.  Pretty sure that was what they were going for.

8:30 - I want to remain optimistic here, but clearly Mizzou needs to get this back down to within two possessions at half, otherwise I'll just save all my remaining optimism for a more worthy cause.  Of course, this is sports, and clearly I'm wasting any and all optimism I put into sports.

8:31 - Yes, we've officially reached "feeling sorry for myself" territory.  You've been warned.

8:32 - The last three combined quarters or so, OU has outscored Mizzou 48-10.  Why did I waste the 15 seconds it took to figure that out?

8:33 - Well, THAT was creative...Daniel just attempted a bomb to Michael Egnew.  Predictably, Egnew was open (why would they bother to cover him), but he couldn't find the ball.  Creativity points, anyway.  Third-and-8 from the Mizzou 41...timeout, Mizzou.  Sigh.

8:35 - Sigh open receivers for Chase, and he had to throw it away.  I hate OU so much.  I really do.  I'd have rather lost this game to Texas.

8:36 - Good rugby punt by Wolfert, and GREAT coverage and tackling by Mizzou.  I realize OU has 24 points and 200+ yards and stuff, but Mizzou's tackling as well as anybody has against OU over the last month, but alas...the offense has 7 points.

8:37 - Another ridiculously good play by Carl Gettis on a short pass to Gresham.  Love that kid...he deserves better tonight.

8:38 - Tommy Chavis deflects a flare pass...and Chris Brown catches it anyway.  SOONER MAGIC!!!1!!!!!  THIRD-AND...whoops, third-and-5.

8:39 - Okay, I'll say it.  I have NO idea if Sam Bradford's a good pro prospect or not.  He had absolutely no footwork on that third-down pass to Gresham, but his O-line is so freaking good that it didn't matter.  He just isn't getting touched by anybody...this game, or any other.  It won't be that way if he's drafted by the Lions or something.

8:40 - While I was rambling, MU forced another third-down...third-and-5 from the MU 39...

...and Bradford misfires.  Fourth-and-5.  They'll probably go for it, and they'll probably get it.

8:41 - They're going for it...

...and they get it.  I'd brag about my predictive abilities, but it's not like it was hard.  And Carl Gettis is shaken up to boot.  Awesome.  I'm sure it's a career-ending injury or oh MAN am I feeling sorry for myself.  Some people lash out, I just whine.

(And no, there's no way it was a career-ending injury.  Looks like a stinger, or wind knocked out or something.)

8:43 - Third-and-5 from the 25...and Brown jogs right for a first down.  The defense is just gassed right now.  The good news is, OU's trying to kill a lot of time on this drive...which will make it harder to put up 60.  Woohoo!

8:44 - I just realized that Mizzou's secondary right now has Justin Garrett, Kevin Rutland, Del Howard, and Hardy Ricks in it.  God.

8:44 - TD.  31-7.  Brent: "Mossis Madu...CAN do."  You're proud of yourself for that one, aren't you Brent?  And are you really trying to pretend like USC-Penn State and Texas-Ohio State will actually be good games, Brent and Herbie?  If you're lucky, MAYBE one of them will be...and am I babbling now?

8:48 - God bless Tommy Saunders.  He just busted like nine tackles.  Still fighting hard.

8:48 - Quick slant to...Earl Goldsmith?  Predictably, it was picked off.  Which clinches 60 points, I think.

8:49 - TD.  38-7.  I really hate sports.

8:55 - It's halftime, by the way.

9:08 - I'd just like to say that Wedding Crashers is one of the more re-watchable movies I know of.  Which is good, as TBS shows it every single Saturday night, I think.

Though come to think of it, it kinda bugs me that Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams were cast as sisters.  They could not possibly look less alike.  They could have at least dyed Rachel's hair red or something...just don't touch a thing on Isla Fisher.  Love her.  I even watched Hot Rod because she was in it.  Hot Rod!

And if anybody's actually still reading this, say "Isla Fisher" in comments.  This is a test.  This is only a test.

9:15 - Ugh, it's been 20 minutes already?  Do I have to change back to ABC?

9:16 - So let's review the five keys to the game:

  1. Limit the OU run--make them as one-dimensional as humanly possible.  Actually, they did a decent job for a while.
  2. Tackle really freaking well.  Eh, I've seen worse.
  3. Move the ball on 1st-and-10.  First 10 minutes...check.  Next 20 minutes...not so much.  That's about when we gave up on running Derrick Washington. Why'd we do that again?
  4. Take the seven points OU gives away (kick returns).  Not yet, anyway.
  5. Please, for the love of god, don't hand them anything.  Um...yeah...about that...

Third Quarter

9:17 - Just flipped over in time to see us hold on the second half kickoff.  Nice.

9:18 - Bomb to Tommy Saunders in tight coverage?  Nice try.

9:20 - It's a Jared Perry sighting!

9:21 - Do we have to run hurry up here?  Can't we, you know, try to kill the clock?

9:21 - Daniel fires too high for Washington on third down...Mizzou to punt.

9:23 - Nice...Mizzou stops OU while I argue with a buddy on Facebook.  Wait, what?  How in the hell did they spot it there?  He was down like two yards behind the spot.  I'm trying to get worked up about this, but...I just can't  I'm just watching the clock and the scoreboard.  Tick...t-t-t-tiiiiick...

9:27 - Woohoo...OU has to kick another field goal!  Is it too late for a moral victory?  FG = good.  41-7...only 24 minutes to go!

9:33 - OU stuffs D-Wash on 2nd-and-1.  Guess I can't bitch too much about "abandoning the run"...

9:34 - It's another Jared Perry sighting!

9:35 - I really do love the way D-Wash shucks tackles.  The first guy never seems to get him down.

9:36 - Really?  There's no "no instant replay review if there's a 30-point scoring margin" rule?

9:38 - I think I've said this already, but how in the hell am I supposed to take seriously a movie with Tom Cruise in an eyepatch?

9:39 - Another inaccurate pass by Daniel, and he hangs Maclin out to dry...Maclin gets destroyed.  Come on, Chase.  We've still got a bowl game to think about here.  We'll probably need J-Mac.

9:40 - Timeout, Chase.

9:41 - More time-wasting quick math...Chase Daniel versus OU and Texas: 0-5.  Chase Daniel versus everybody else: 29-6.

9:42 - Have I mentioned I love Tommy Saunders.  Daniel just lobs one into the air on 4th-and-7...#84 comes back to get it, then fights for the first down.  We've killed four minutes on this drive!

9:43 - First trip into the redzone for Mizzou tonight.  God.

9:45 - TD, Tommy Saunders!  I was really hoping that he'd get in...he deserves it.  41-14.

9:48 - And the ABC cameras find Toby Keith on the sidelines.  Yeah, THAT makes me hate OU less.  Uh huh.

9:53 - Tiiiiiiick...t-t-t-tiiiiick...Bradford bootlegs for a first down around midfield, but more importantly, we're down to 2:30 left in Q3...

9:55 - Bradford completes a pass to FB Matt's only a matter of time before #47 Ratterree catches a pass.  I'll cry tears of joy and pain at the same time if/when that happens.  Love that kid...wish we'd have recruited him so that he didn't walk on at OU...

9:56 - More worthlessness: Mizzou is now 4-4 since that damn ESPN the Magazine cover story about Chase Daniel and Chase Patton.

Fourth Quarter

9:57 - Quick impression...Keanu in his upcoming movie: "Woah...I'm an alien."  Thank you, thank you very much.

9:58 - To me, Keanu will always be Ted Theodore Logan.

10:00 - Now that's just insulting...apparently ABC decided to pack up its HDTV cameras or something.  We are no longer live in HD.

10:01 - TD OU, by the way.  48-14.  If MU holds OU under 60, does that mean they have a better defense than Tech or OSU?  Anyone?  Bueller?

10:06 - Live-blogging when there's no chance anybody's still reading this: just sad, or completely pathetic?  Dedication or an affliction?

10:07 - Hook and ladder!  Christensen's clearly saying "Let's see...what other plays do we have in this book?" at this point.

10:08 - Wow...Maclin made a fantastic diving catch for TD, but he hit his head on the landing and either dropped the ball or laid it down too soon.  I think he still caught it, and I'd love for them to just give him credit for the effort...

10:09 - Um...are they going to review it?  Really?  They're not?  Okay, whatever.

10:10 - Ha...Chase Coffman just made an even better catch.  Dragged the turf toe while falling out of bounds.  Sucks that these two plays had to come when we were down 34, but...great plays nonetheless.

10:11 - TD, Coffman.  48-21.  I say give him one more drive, then either get Patton or Gabbert some PT.  Patton.  Give Patton a drive.

10:17 - God...Iglesias just gained 20 yards after the catch because Del Howard was just riding him and trying to force a fumble.  Just tackle him.

10:20 - Ugh...OU's already to the MU 25, and there's still 9:00 left.  Damn...we are going to give up 60...

10:20 - Brent's still treating this game like OU's not a gimme for the BCS title game.  Come on, Brent.  The OU/Florida game was a certainty about two hours ago.

10:22 - TD OU.  7:20 left.  55-21.  In case you cared.

10:25 - Oy...I just saw the unis Army busted out for the Army-Navy game today.  Bad Idea Jeans.

10:26 - Why I love my wife: "I just don't like Tim Tebow.  He's too goody-two-shoes...when people are that goody-goody, I just think they're hiding something..."

10:28 - Uh oh...Daniel had to throw it away on third down.  Mizzou to punt with 5:00 left.

No wait...we're going for it.  Interesting.  Pass deflected...interception.  Lendy Holmes returns it pretty deep...yeah, they're scoring 60.

10:30 - "We Want Florida" chant from the crowd...yeah, you're getting them, no matter what Brent thinks.

10:32 - Bradford goes deep for Iglesias.  It's incomplete...almost intercepted, but...really, Bob?  A deep ball?  Like you won't just score running the ball?

10:34 - TD, Mossis Madu.  There you go, Bob.

10:37 - And now the HD is back.  Okay.

10:37 - Maclin botches the kickoff and is tackled at the 9.  Wow.  They're going to get the ball back and score 69.

10:38 - It's a Chase Patton sighting!

10:40 - Heh...Patton wings it deep to Alexander at midfield.  I think he intended for that to go about 15 yards further, but Alexander made a nice adjustment.

10:41 - Chase Patton running the option!

10:42 - And that's your ballgame.  Good times.  Back to Wedding Crashers I go...I have to assume TBS is showing it again.

Yes!  Yes they are!