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Mizzou Links, 2-1-08

A quick set of links today, as I believe the snow on the ground is going extend my drive to Jeff City just a wee bit...

Here's the official release for tomorrow's basketball game against the first-place Kansas State Wildcats.  It does appear that our suspended players will probably be back for the game, but there's been no official announcement in that regard (and apparently Columbia Police want to talk to the basketball players...awesome).  Announcement or no announcement, Joe Walljasper hopes Mike Anderson's message got through.

[T]here will be a senior day ceremony at Mizzou Arena, and the reaction those players get will have a lot to do with how they respond to the discipline Anderson handed out this week.

There also will be a graduation ceremony in May, and Anderson pointed out that several of the players who were involved in the incidents of the last year - including Michael Anderson Jr., DeMarre Carroll and Kalen Grimes - are on track to get their diplomas in a few months.

Anderson said the suspended players - excluding Hannah, of course - might be back as soon as Saturday’s home game against Kansas State. I suspect that will be the case. That would give some closure to a week that might well be a turning point in Anderson’s career at MU.

He caught his first serious criticism from the public and media for the direction of his program. He sacrificed a winnable game to make a larger statement about the importance of discipline. Let’s hope the lesson wasn’t lost on the guys in street clothes.

And the hits keep on coming: one of Mike Anderson's biggest targets for the 2009 recruiting class has committed to Illinois.

It's the (relatively sparse) Chamber!

Dave Matter discusses Mizzou Football's efforts to restock their receiving corps with this recruiting class, while the Post-Dispatch takes a look at where St. Louis area prospects are headed.  This list is a lot prettier with Mizzou's name attached to Blaine Gabbert and Wes Kemp.  Also: Gabe at PowerMizzou takes a look at his summer predictions and gives himself a pat on the back.

Amanda Renth: USA Softball National Player of the Year (watch list member).

And finally, here's today's fun (and worthless) rumor: Mizzou and LSU to face off in football in 2008!!  LSU's replacing SEMO!!  It's gonna happen!!  Uh huh, because if 2007 taught us anything, it's that the major bowls reward you for playing a tough schedule.  Yup.  But people are debating it like it's real.  My favorite suggestion is that we play LSU, Illinois, Ohio State, and Michigan every year in non-conference.  That's a GREAT idea.  Because no matter how good we are, I'd like to assure that we never finish better than about 9-3.  Wonderful.