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Mizzou Links, 2-11-08

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So the lead story this morning on KOMU is "Things You Don't Know about Blaine Gabbert".  It's apparently going to be Sleet Armageddon outside today, but this is the lead story.  Awesome.

Another decent weekend for Mizzou sports not involving hoops and nets.  Mizzou wrestling easily put away Oregon State yesterday (after taking out OU on Friday)...

...while Mizzou Softball finished the FIU Invitational by knocking off #15 Virginia Tech and finishing 3-2.  Gymnastics, Swimming/Diving and Tennis also had nice weekends too, but I'll let The Beef fill you in on all that.  It is Monday, after all...

And now, the sport involving hoops and nets.  The Trib's Steve Walentik attempts to delve into what exactly happened to Mizzou in the first 10 minutes of the second half Saturday.  Things were well, and then we were down 18.  Meanwhile, the Missourian takes a look at Justin Safford's increased role (one of the biggest positives to this otherwise not-so-positive month).

Oh yeah, and there's this 'read if you dare' story by Bryan Burwell on "the real Stefhon Hannah"...

The first time Anderson saw Hannah play, he liked what he saw, a feisty little point guard cut in his own image. Hannah was a second team All-American who led Chipola to a 27-3 record while averaging 14.5 points, 6.5 assists, 4.4 rebounds and 3.1 steals. "Yeah, I liked what I saw," Anderson said. "But when you come in late, the truth is you find out about players as you go."

Nearly two years later, the coach was finding out something he couldn't believe about Hannah. The coach and the kid were staring at each other in a hospital room. When the coach asked the kid how he got in this predicament, "I wasn't satisfied with what I was told."

The more truth he sought, the less Anderson liked what he heard. The police told him stories, and none of their truth seemed to match with what his players had to say. After the fight, some people suggested to Anderson that he needed to ban his players from places like Athena, and he talked a lot about troubling "cultures out there" that can lead young men into dangerous temptations.

Another day, another "DeSmet Pipeline" story, this one from Dave Matter.

Finally, in case you missed it, Bracket Buster pairings were announced last week...and we have a possible Top 10 matchup in the work: Butler vs Drake at Hinkle Fieldhouse.  Sweet.  And I do like seeing St. Mary's getting some attention too...when Mike Anderson was hired, my two sleeper picks for the job were South Alabama's John Pelfrey and SMC's Randy Bennett.  I'm still Pro-Anderson by all (most) means, but for some reason I still enjoy seeing Pelfrey and Bennett doing well...I'm strange like that...