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Mizzou Links, 2-12-08

We'll start with Steve Walentik's weekly Big 12 notes.  Walentik mentions KU wanting to corral AJ Abrams on Big Monday.  Well...Abrams was only 2-for-8 from 3-point land last night, and DJ Augustin pitched in with a 1-for-13 FG effort, but Texas 72, Kansas 69.  Damion James and Connor Atchley combined for 30 points on 14 shots, while Atchley actually pulled off the rare '4 blocked shots, 4 3-pointers' combination.  Can't imagine that happens much...maybe Jeff Hafer did it at some point...loved that guy...sometimes...

So...supposedly Stefhon Hannah will be in Columbia today, and he'll be meeting with Mike Anderson.  We'll see.  As long as he either returns to class or drops them by Friday, I'm cool.  Otherwise he ends his career lower on my list than Jason Horton, which is saying something.  And speaking of charges have yet been filed yet against Horton or Hannah...though you may actually have to be in town for that one...

Here's a little taste as you await The Beef's wrestling wrap-up: Tyler McCormick had a great weekend!

So there's been some movement in the still-going Aaron O'Neal lawsuits.  After being asked to produce an insane amount of hard-to-pull-together-if-it's-possible-at-all information ("amount and types of financial aid produced for students originally from Boone County"?), MU asked a judge to step in a bit.

Chris Bauman, an attorney for O’Neal’s parents, said the information they’re seeking could help determine if residents of Boone County are prejudiced against O’Neal because of their ties to the university.


Today's 2008 recruit story is on Internet Legend Michael Egnew.

McClintock said Missouri coaches, who started looking at Egnew during spring football his sophomore season, liked his size (6-5 1/2, 210 pounds) and his jumping ability.

Egnew, meanwhile, said he liked Missouri’s campus ("they have a lot of brand new facilities") and their coaches ("they’re all pretty cool") during the visits he made to Columbus.

Egnew, who caught 34 passes for 586 yards (17.2 yards per catch average) and three touchdowns during Plainview’s 1-9 season last fall, hopes to make the team and not red-shirt as a freshman.

"There will be three of us (tight end recruits) fighting for a jersey," said Egnew, who plans to work hard to get stronger and faster (he runs a 4.6-second 40-yard dash) this summer.

Finally, there's a new Mizzou blog on the block.  Be sure to check out Big MO Sports...