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Mizzou Links, 2-19-08

So I hadn't yet heard THIS version of the Athena story...are their wings really that tasty?

I guess this goes without saying, but after giving up 100 points in Manhattan this past weekend, Mike Anderson has decided to stress defense at practice this week.  Seems like a decent idea.

Steve Walentik points out that there's a pretty darn big basketball game taking place tonight a few hundred miles south of here.

[T]omorrow night Baylor and Oklahoma could be fighting each other for their NCAA Tournament lives.

Both teams enter with 17 overall victories and are tied for fifth in the Big 12 Conference standings with matching 5-5 records, credentials that have them under consideration for spots in the field of 65. It’s possible both could receive invitations with strong finishes, but if there’s room for only one, tomorrow night’s game could be decisive.

The two teams find themselves on different arcs with six games left in the regular season.

The Bears have lost five of their last six games, including their 22nd straight defeat at the hands of Texas on Saturday in Waco, Texas, where a rally from 12 points down in the last two minutes came up a little short.

"We’ve been better," Coach Scott Drew said when asked how he was doing during this morning’s Big 12 teleconference. "We went through a tough stretch. Out of seven games, we had five of them on the road. Obviously, that’s tough. You come home, and you’ve got four home games and three roads, but you’re playing Texas at home, which is a top-10 team. ... We’ve got to get things going in the right direction."

Dave Matter says Run Brock Run!

Already some doubters have expressed their disapproval around the blogosphere. On the Tribune’s Politics Blog, one reader posted, "This poor guy is not qualified, in touch or smart enough to run for this seat."

To which I say, get a freakin’ grip.

As if only the most polished, most sophisticated and most politically experienced among us are worthy of running for the hallowed seats that make up the U.S. Congress. Anybody that sat through last Wednesday’s congressional hearing/partisan blowhard showcase with Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Brian McNamee, can see our esteemed House of Representatives isn’t exactly loaded with authentic human beings who are actually in touch with the electorate. If Brock wants to run, why the hell not? Good for him. I wish him nothing but the best. The guy has always poured passion into everything to which he’s attached himself. And if you haven’t noticed lately, extensive political experience isn’t exactly the only credential required to have success in an election. (Case in point, that other D.C. hopeful with the middleweight résumé whose last name begins with O.)

You've got to love this quote from 2009 football/basketball prospect Bryant Allen.

"I got an offer from Mizzou last week," said Allen. "It means a lot to get that first one. I was talking to my coaches about it because I wasn't sure schools were really looking to offer me in football, but my coach told me he was going to offer me. I asked if he was serious. I was making sure that he was telling me the right school. I asked him if the number four team in the country last year and a potential number one going into next year was offer me. It was an absolutely awesome feeling to get an offer from the Tigers."

Also at PowerMizzou, 2009 Recruiting Question #7 talks about the 'one year delay'...

In the summer of 2005, Ryan Perrilloux committed to Texas, which (along with the commitment of Colt McCoy, I believe) prevented them from offering Chase Daniel.  So thanks for that, Ryan.  In the meantime, Perrilloux (who instead signed with LSU) is now on Suspension #3.  Luckily for him, 5-star recruits get five strikes instead of just three.

Part III of's Mizzou Baseball preview is up.  This part focuses on infielders and catchers...

Mizzou Gymnastics: now #13!

Finally, back to basketball, here's a fascinating read on the new offensive sensation that's sweeping the nation...that's right, it's the Dribble Drive Motion!