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Mizzou Links, 2-20-08

Today's Stefhon Hannah link comes from the Missourian.  Nobody knows if Hannah's withdrawn yet or not.  Awesome.  Oh yeah, and we've got Wing Gate Day II from One Bad Century.

You know how I mentioned that Baylor-OU was a huge game?  It was hugely exciting, too.  4-point play with 8 seconds left?  Nice.  Baylor needs to be careful here--they're close to going from in to out.

Karrrrrma pollllliiiice....arrrREST this maaaaan...

Holy crap - it's almost spring!  (I too did not realize that Kirby Freeman transferred to Baylor.)

Lots of offers going out in football, and lots of stories to go along with it.  Two four-star kids--David Oku (RB from Midwest City, OK, home of Lorenzo Williams, Dain Wise, Julian Jones, etc.) and Terry Hawthorne (WR from E. StL)--are excited, as are two lesser-known kids, Jaleel Clark (WR from Allentown, PA) and Jeremiah Sirles (CO OL who doesn't have an offer yet but is 'honored' by Mizzou's interest).

Finally, it's Part IV of the Missouri Baseball Preview!  Up this time: outfielders.  The Missourian also takes a look at the baseball team.