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Mizzou Links, 2-21-08

Will Franklin takes on the chaos that is the NFL Combine today.  Which reminds me...have you read Martin Rucker's NFL Combine Player Profile?  Negatives predictably include this: "Will sometimes lose concentration and pull his head away from the ball, causing drops, but steadily improved in the area as a senior (caught 84 of 102 possible catchable throws in 2007)."  That was to be expected (he did cause a pick six against ISU and near-pick six against OU).  However, this was a little unexpected: "[H]e won't break many tackles (goes down easier than expected vs. a bigger defender)."  Umm...whaaa?  I guess coming back for his senior season to prove his toughness was pretty useless then?

Opening day for #6 Mizzou Baseball (#2 in the Big 12) begins tomorrow at the Stetson Tournament in DeLand, FL.  They will play UConn tomorrow at noon, then Michigan State Saturday at noon, then Stetson Sunday at 3pm.  The Trib has more about the Big 12 poll.  After you've kept up with the live stats of MU-UConn tomorrow... can check out Mizzou Gymnastics on TV as they take on OU!  Okay, not can check them out live at the Hearnes Center (at 6:30), then on tape delay on Fox Sports MW.

Okay, I didn't see THIS one coming...though I guess they are still a young team who played out of its frickin' mind on Saturday...

It's Steve Walentik's Big 12 Power Poll!  Really, power polls are pretty easy at this point.  The only question (near the top, anyway) is which order to rank Texas and KSU.  #1, 4, 5, and 6 are very clear...and the bottom half really doesn't matter.

So a Missourian reporter actually e-mailed ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi about where he thought Mizzou would end up.  Ohhhkay.  Also contacted were guys like the purveyor of, and it's unanimous--we're probably NIT-bound.  WOOOO!

Finally, here are a couple interesting twists to the (still) ongoing Terrelle Pryor recruitment.  First, I guess Memphis has thrown its hat in the ring...good luck with that.  Second, Pryor's coach basically said that if Joe Paterno were to retire right now and his assistant Tom Bradley were named his replacement, Pryor would immediately sign to play in the Nittany Valley.  That's obviously not going to make Paterno retire, but that has to cause some major conflict in the bellies of Penn State fans, no?  (And while you're over at SMQB, be sure to check out the really cool stat nerd post written by, uhh, someone really cool.)