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A ballsy way to turn $1 into $18

With the economy seemingly stagnant and mortgages going to hell, why not take the advice of the degenerate gambler and make a little extra money the fun way?

If you've got the Watermelon Balls of Fury (© MizzouRobot) and "expendable" income (Note: car payments = expendable), BodogLife has Mizzou at 18/1 odds to win the National Championship in 2008 (odds may be subject to change).

Anyone care to throw down a dollar? Hell, a measly $6,472.45 can pay for my entire college education, presuming that whole, you know, "National Championship" thing works out...

Other odds of note:

  • Hey, remember that KU Orange Bowl win? Bodog doesn't. KU is set at 60/1.
  • Vegas likes USC as the preseason favorite, slating them at the top with 3/1 odds.
  • The Big 12 once again looks like a shootout between Mizzou (18/1) and conference favorite Oklahoma (6/1). Texas seems to be the only other team with a decent shot (25/1).
  • Nebraska falls in line with powerhouses like Arizona, Oklahoma State, Washington and South Florida.

Click "Full Story" for the top national odds, as well as ranked Big 12 odds.

Top National Odds
USC - 3/1
Florida - 6/1
Georgia - 6/1
Ohio State - 6/1
Oklahoma - 6/1
LSU - 11/1
Missouri - 18/1

Big 12 Odds

  1. Oklahoma - 6/1
  1. Missouri - 18/1
  1. Texas 25/1
  1. Kansas 60/1
  1. (tie) Nebraska 80/1, Oklahoma State 80/1, Texas Tech 80/1
  1. (tie) Kansas State 100/1, Texas A&M 100/1

Not given odds - Baylor, Iowa State, Colorado