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Mizzou Links, 2-26-08

So a funny thing happened in Orlando last night.  Mizzou Baseball had fallen behind Central Florida, 5-4, before tying the game in the 6th and scoring 4 runs in the top of the 7th to take a 9-5 lead.  Being that Mizzou had to fly home, and there was a curfew saying no inning could start after 5pm CST (and it was about 4:40), all they had to do was run out the clock in the 7th and go home with a 4-0 record.  And then Central Florida scored 5 in the bottom of the 7th to win 10-9.  Whoops.  Veterans Greg Folgia and Scooter Hicks gave up 5 runs and 6 hits with 0 outs (an ERA of infinity), and Mizzou, who had moved to #5 in the Baseball America rankings, is undefeated no more.  Good times.  Here's the box score.  The Missourian has more.

After crappy news like that, I should probably go ahead and share to this link to's Big 12 preview.

1. Missouri Tigers
What we know
: The Tigers lost few key players and return the conference's best quarterback (Chase Daniel) and most explosive receiving/return threat (Jeremy Maclin).
What we don't know: If the Tigers will find one replacement for tailback Tony Temple or have to rely on a rotation of players.
How the Tigers can get to Kansas City: By continuing the defensive improvement that marked the second half of their 2007 season.

The conference preview as a whole is quite vague, but you've got to like that little 1 by Mizzou's name, huh?  And here's another football link: PowerMizzou begins its unit-by-unit preview with a position that's pretty well under control.

Here are this week's Big 12 Basketball Notes from Steve Walentik.  Texas is now atop the power rankings (especially after last night's road win in Manhattan), while OSU's suddenly quite hot--as hot as Sean Sutton's seat was about a week ago--and Mizzou and OSU both have some fight left in them...which is good, since the Post-Dispatch says they still have something to play for.

Justin Safford: drummer and geek.

When Brock Olivo (presumably) votes for himself in the Republican Primary for Kenny Hulsoff's soon-to-be empty Congressional seat, it will be his virgin voting experience.  Interesting.

Sounds like there was a pretty bad fight in the Little Apple Saturday night/Sunday morning, as former KSU RB James Johnson was stabbed five times.  Apparently the cuts weren't that bad, but...oy.

Finally, if our Mizzou 25 idea is just a little too ESPN'ish for you, check out the MizzouSpace Race.