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Baseball America blogs from San Diego tourney

Aaron Fitt, Head College Baseball writer for Baseball America is blogging live from the San Diego tournament this weekend.  He also has a lot to say about the tournament and about Missouri in his Weekend Preview.

A quote:

"Their offense was a little short for a top 10 team I thought, but it's a very good team and they have a plan at the plate. A big part of that plan is getting hit by a pitch—they will take it," said a coach from one of the other four schools that played Missouri. "They just stand in there and take it—even some of the pitches were strikes, at least I thought so, and their guys were right on top of the plate and took it. That's a big part of how they scored their runs."

Of course, the Tigers have also drawn 24 walks, helping them compile a team on-base percentage of .458. That has helped them score 39 runs through four games despite hitting only one home run.

"People will look at our numbers and say we didn't swing it really well, but we still scored 10 runs a game getting hit all those times," Jamieson said. "We really preach it. Most of our guys stand pretty close to the plate, and we don't want our guys to get out of the way. It's demoralizing with two strikes for a pitcher to hit a guy. A lot of guys would have ducked out of the way, but ours don't move."