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Mizzou Links, 2-29-08

Need some basketball talk?  Here is the official release for tomorrow's Baylor-Mizzou matchup.  Worst.  Title.  Ever.  Also: the Missourian has an article on Baylor's rise from the ashes, and the Post-Dispatch talks about just how much pain Demarre Carroll is experiencing...

Need recruiting news?'ve got your options of a PowerMizzou mailbag, The Chamber, Inside Mizzou's reporting of a new basketball name for 2009, and PowerMizzou's update on Chaminade HS OL Jack Meiners.  Also: Bill Callahan doesn't think kids are very smart.

Need spring football info? posted its Big 12 preview...PowerMizzou discusses tight ends...Dave Matter (a day behind PM now) talks wide receivers AND tight ends.

Need some draft news?  The Missourian talks about Mizzou's upcoming Pro Day, focusing on Lorenzo Williams' preparations.  Plus, if you're into that sort of's a pretty decent mock draft.

Finally, leave it to the state legislature to hop on the bandwagon way later than everybody else...