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Mizzou Links, 2-6-08

Signing Day is upon us...if you've ever thought of subscribing to PowerMizzou, today would be a good day to take the leap.

Looks like Brad Madison and Blaine Gabbert are up first in the signing party, and the others are nicely split up throughout the day.

The KC Star has a great article on Mizzou's recruiting MVP, Andrew Jones.

"Outspoken," Gabbert said. "Really outspoken. He said everything correct.

"Not always politically correct. But it’s correct."

For example?

"Every school that you’re looking at besides Missouri (stinks)," Gabbert said, laughing as he quoted some of Jones’ less-explicit evaluations. "I agree with him now."


Directly or indirectly, Jones helped land:

•Gabbert, from Ballwin, Mo., who is the No. 1 pro-style quarterback in the nation and the No. 1 player in Missouri as rated by

•Aldon Smith, Raytown defensive end, rated No. 5 in Missouri.

•Wes Kemp, St. Louis DeSmet wide receiver, rated No. 6.

•Robert Steeples, DeSmet defensive back, rated No. 8.

•Dan Hoch, offensive lineman from Harlan, Iowa, rated No. 1 in that state.

Today's Dave Matter article focuses on defense, particularly LBs and DBs.

Naturally, the Post-Dispatch has a nice Blaine Gabbert article, not to mention a summary of the class as a whole.

I think a "How and when did recruiting get this big?" article is written on a national site every year, but...that doesn't mean you shouldn't read this one by SI's Andy Staples.

The Missourian checks in on Mizzou Baseball and comes up with a nice write-up of the three Tiger pitchers who crushed the Cape Cod League last summer.

Steve Walentik doesn't like the timing of Bobby Knight's exit.

Knight had the motivation to hang on long enough to win his 900th game -- something he unconvincingly kept saying he'd never given any thought to -- but he couldn't stick around long enough to help the Red Raiders, with four seniors and an RPI still in the 50s, try to earn an NCAA Tournament berth? Give me a break. I think Knight stepped aside now because he knew what I've thought since last March: that he'd already coached in his last NCAA Tournament game.

I agree somewhat with this, but...if the motivation's not there, it's not there, and you're screwing your team over just as much by faking it.

And finally, Dave Matter takes on something that really baffled me Monday night.  Woo, you made the Orange Bowl.  We finished #4.  And uhh...scoreboard.