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Mizzou Links, 2-8-08

It's a big weekend for the 'other' sports.  First up, we've got the Beauty & the Beast meet tonight.  #14 Mizzou Gymnastics takes on Centenary at 6:30, and #12 Mizzou Wrestling takes on #18 Oklahoma at 7:30.  We'll be there!  Gonna be fun.  The Missourian has more.

Also on the docket: #21 Mizzou Softball vs #15 Virginia Tech today at 2pm at the FIU Invitational.

And if basketball's your thing, here's the official release for tomorrow's home game against #18 Texas A&M.  The Missourian has a pair of stories: Carroll’s leadership emerging in wake of suspensions and Anderson Jr., making the most of his time.

Awesome.  Stefhon Hannah's absence is making an impact of a different kind.

While suspended University of Missouri basketball player Stefhon Hannah continues to draw scrutiny from the Columbia police in the wake of a bar fight last month, the senior guard's uncertain academic status could lead to a lost scholarship for the basketball program.


According to new NCAA Academic Progress Rules that penalize schools that fail to graduate or keep their players in good academic standing, Hannah must return to classes, or officially drop his course schedule by next Friday's university deadline for second-semester class withdrawal, or Missouri runs the risk that those rules will prohibit replacing Hannah's scholarship.

No matter how many schollies we're working with, Mike Anderson's 2009 recruiting class took a hit last week with the commitment of Tyler Griffey to Illinois.  However, a much, much bigger name--DeMarcus Cousins--is still out there for the taking, and Mizzou's got as good a shot as anybody.   Nice get for Jeff Ermann and Inside Mizzou.

A couple new 2009 football offers have gone out.  Check out the write-ups for Gabe Lynn of Jenks, OK, and Jack Meiners of StL Chaminade.  And if you're a PowerMizzou subscriber, then there's a nice, ripe new Chamber for the taking.

Finally...still want to talk about the Class of 2008 for a bit longer?  Dave Matter's got your fix.

Why the sudden rush of interest from an area that’s been, at best, lukewarm on the Tigers? That’s simple.

"I guess winning cures all," Gabbert said.

Citing all the steps his program has made the last seven years - above all else, last season’s 12 victories and No. 4 ranking - Pinkel said he believes Missouri football is now viewed differently around the state.

"There’s no reason to go anywhere else than the University of Missouri," he said. "I can understand certainly four or five years ago when some went other ways because they just didn’t believe and didn’t want to bank on certain things we promised and our vision of what we were trying to do."

Now, Pinkel said, that’s not the case.