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Mizzou Links, 3-11-08

Demarre Carroll: Big 12 Newcomer of the Year.  He's the second straight Tiger to win the award, following Stefhon Hannah.  Impressive that he averaged 13.1 PPG and 6.6 RPG despite not being able to leave the ground and, you know, be athletic for about a month.  Also, Leo Lyons: member of Big 12 All-Improved Team.  And to nobody's surprise, Michael Beasley was the Player of the Year.  Hell, I think he had a case to take up about three spots on the All-Conference first team.

If you're in the area, apparently seeds 5-12 for the weekend's Big 12 Men's Tourney will be having open practices on Wednesday.  Oh baby.

The Post-Dispatch has a nice, concise Spring Football preview, plus a look at the Mizzou defense.  PowerMizzou takes a look at five fan favorites with expectations in the spring ('s Like Father, Unlike Son!).  Meanwhile, now that it's being televised on ESPNU, Dave Matter has some suggestions for spicing up the Black & Gold Game.  They include Bon Jovi and sticking a mic on Dave Steckel.  Okie dokie.

The Trib's Matt Nestor talks about Mizzou's absolutely sick starting pitching.

The Cindy Stein Watch should likely begin around 4:30pm, when the Mizzou Women's season likely comes to an end at the hands of Oklahoma.  The Trib has more.

Lindsey Ubrun: Big 12 Softball Player of the Week.

And while we're at it, Brett Halter: Midwest Region Assistant Track & Field Coach of the Year.  Awesome.

I expressed my desire for the bubble to explode in my Rock M-tology post below...and boy oh boy, is it.  San Diego beat Gonzaga last night, meaning the West Coast Conference will likely get three teams.  Meanwhile, Middle Tennessee, who was the hottest team not named South Alabama heading into the Sun Belt Conference, beat South Alabama, meaning the Sun Belt will likely get two teams (and technically could get three, since WKU is close to the cutoff line on the bubble as well...though that probably won't happen.  Especially since the Colonial will also be (probably) getting two teams, VCU and George Mason...freaking fantastic...

Finally, you are all my witnesses.  I had this idea first.  And I pursued it to a much deeper, nerdier level.