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Mizzou Links, 3-12-08

As Devin West started to pull away in yesterday's Mizzou 25 matchup, I thought to myself, "Well, it really wasn't fair to Grawer, being that West was a football player, and spring football just started."  Um,'s freaking Championship Week.  This is what it's come to.  August to January = football, February = basketball, March to April = football.  Mike Anderson, you're fighting an uphill battle here.

That's right...SPRING FOOTBALL!!!!  The Trib, KC Star, and Post-Dispatch have previews, while Power Mizzou has some free notes on jersey changes, injuries, and the fact that Danario Alexander is already running a 4.52 40 despite, you know, only having one good knee (they've also got a photo gallery).  Graham Watson has notes as well, along with a discussion of the punting battle and other topics.  Dave Matter also has notes, along with the pre-spring depth chart.  And this quote:

"When you have a year like that, there’s lingering effects," Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel said. "Anywhere you go around, people are still congratulating three months after the season is over. I think the best way to attack complacency is working hard. Me working as hard as I’ve ever worked, our football staff or all our players. ... We see that great work ethic, and I think that’s how you battle complacency. We accomplished a lot last year, but we didn’t accomplish our ultimate goals. So, we’ve got a lot to prove."

So, have the Tigers arrived? Not quite, the coach said.

"Having a good year doesn’t define you in any way," Pinkel said. "That’s one good year. I would suggest we have another high-level year two years in a row. We haven’t done that. Stay tuned."

Coach, I'm pretty sure people are indeed staying tuned.

Intermat has a pretty decent 2008 Wrestling Championships HQ site set up.  Just sayin'.

As you heard yesterday, the Mizzou women became the first 12-seed to win a conference tournament game yesterday.  A backhanded achievement if one ever existed, but an achievement nonetheless.  Mizzou shot 39% from 3-point range, 34% from 2-point range.  Whatever.  The Missourian and KC Star have more.

Inside Mizzou catches up with Mizzou signee Kim English, gets his thoughts on next year.

Finally, the Missourian's John Juettner talks about big crowds, and Mizzou's hope that it will be playing in front of one Thursday evening.

UPDATE, 7:40am: Just found this lovely Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on Pirates prospect and former Tiger (and Clinton Red Tornado, rival to my Weatherford Eagles) James Boone.  Injuries have severely hampered his track through the minors, but he's looking good so far this spring and is likely to start at AA Altoona.