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Rock M-tology Pick 'Em!

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UPDATE, Tuesday (8:04am): I've added the Yahoo league to the 'submitting picks' option.

Welcome to the Rock M-tology Pick 'Em!  I won't waste too much time explaining how this works--I assume you all know.  If you've entered a bracket pool before, you know what's going on here.  And if you haven't, were smart enough to discover Rock M Nation, so I'm sure you're smart enough to figure this out.  Here are the basics:

Submitting Picks

You have three choices: 1) you can post your picks at this yahoo site, 2) you can post your picks in the Comments section of this thread, or 3) you may e-mail them to us at  Life is all about choices!


You have until Thursday, 11am, to get your picks in.


First round games = 1 pt
Second round games = 2 pts
Sweet Sixteen games = 3 pts
Elite Eight games = 4 pts
Final Four games = 5 pts
National Champion pick = 10 pts


Gambling's illegal as we all know, but we'll just say that when we actually get around to creating Rock M Nation T-shirts (I won't be overly ambitious here--I'll just say that we should get to it over the summer), the winner of the Rock M-tology Pick 'Em will likely receive a 'complimentary' one.

I think that's all you need to know.  For a bracket, either click here or click 'Full Story' for a typed-out version.


1 North Carolina vs 16 Mt. St. Mary's/Coppin State (no points for Play-In Game)
8 Indiana vs 9 Arkansas

5 Notre Dame vs 12 George Mason
4 Washington State vs 13 Winthrop

6 Oklahoma vs 11 St. Joseph's
3 Louisville vs 14 Boise State

7 Butler vs 10 South Alabama
2 Tennessee vs 15 American


1 Kansas vs 16 Portland State
8 UNLV vs 9 Kent State

5 Clemson vs 12 Villanova
4 Vanderbilt vs 13 Siena

6 USC vs 11 Kansas State
3 Wisconsin vs 14 CS-Fullerton

7 Gonzaga vs 10 Davidson
2 Georgetown vs 15 UMBC


1 Memphis vs 16 UT-Arlington
8 Mississippi State vs 9 Oregon

5 Michigan State vs 12 Temple
4 Pittsburgh vs 13 Oral Roberts

6 Marquette vs 11 Kentucky
3 Stanford vs 14 Cornell

7 Miami-FL vs 10 St. Mary's
2 Texas vs 15 Austin Peay


1 UCLA vs 16 Mississippi Valley State
8 BYU vs 9 Teas A&M

5 Drake vs 12 Western Kentucky
4 UConn vs 13 San Diego

6 Purdue vs 11 Baylor
3 Xavier vs 14 Georgia

7 West Virginia vs 10 Arizona
2 Duke vs 15 Belmont