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Mizzou Links, 3-21-08

Scrimmage reports!!!  Mizzou had its first scrimmage yesterday, and the usual suspects--Dave Matter, PowerMizzou, Graham Watson (on both blog and article form)--have the rundown.    Sounds like it was a typical scrimmage, really--#1 Defense torched #2 Offense and #1 Offense torched #2 Defense.  Injuries have made OL depth a little shaky, and it sounds like the #1 Defense teed off on the walk-ons on the #2 (and #3) OL...

Matter and PowerMizzou also have quick wrap-ups of Mizzou's latest Pro Day.

As we've emerged from the latest recruiting dead period, we've seen a few more recruiting updates.  PowerMizzou catches up with 5-star Tennessee WR Marlon Brown, who got an offer from Mizzou a while ago and calls Mizzou's spread "an irresistable offense."  You've GOT to love hearing that.  Meanwhile, PM also catches up with San Antonio RB Andrew Green, who just got a Mizzou offer, and Inside Mizzou gets the latest on Ronnie Wingo.

As if The Beef's copy-pasted play-by-plays weren't enough for you, has a nice wrap-up on a first day that saw Mizzou position themselves in sixth place at the NCAA Wrestling Championships.  The Missourian talks about Max Askren and the motivation that allowed him to tear through Day One.

Official previews! has looks at Mizzou vs Baylor (baseball) and Mizzou vs Oklahoma State (softball).

Blast from the past!  The KC Star catches up with Glen Dandridge (of all people), in KC for the NAIA Tournament.

So how are your brackets doing?  I was rooting hard for Belmont last night, as not only would it have been a fantastic upset, and not only would it have been awesome to watch Duke lose to a 15-seed, but it would have also helped my bracket considerably, as I have the Dookies losing in Round Two.  Gotta love this "Yeah, they won, but...come on..." column from ESPN's Dana O'Neil.  Oh yeah, and poor Mississippi Valley State.  Otherwise a pretty damn boring day.  Good to see the Big 12 going 3-1, I guess...