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Mizzou Links, 3-27-08

For the second straight game, a team scored 5 runs in the first and went on to lose handily.  Unfortunately, this time it was Mizzou losing handily.  Minnesota 12, Mizzou Baseball 5 (as always, pretends like bad losses didn't happen and doesn't bother to post the box score, so I had to go to Minnesota's site).  Pitching (9 earned runs), defense (4 errors), luck, and hitting (0 runs and 5 hits after the 1st) all abandoned the Tigers in this one, but...well, these things happen in baseball.  Even the best MLB team loses once every three games.  This is Mizzou's first loss by more than one run, and it comes over a month into the season--I guess I'll take that.  Plus, losses in college baseball are not created equal.  Next up: three games in Lubbock.  Sweep the series, and Mizzou will still have a shot at a #1 ranking if Arizona State stumbles.  The KC Star has more on both the loss and the winning streak.

In better news, Mizzou Softball bounced back in San Antonio with a 9-0 win over UTSA.

In part two of his spring break posts, Dave Matter takes a look at another 5 Big 12 teams--this time, it's Colorado, Iowa State, Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma State.  Depressed about the Marquis Booker incident?  Check out the Boulder police blotter.  And if you're interested in more about OSU (and how Zac Robinson is quietly better than anybody realizes...though he was bolstered by Dantrell Savage and Adarius Bowman), ESPN has an article on the Pokes as well, and a Big 12 Notebook piece that I missed last week.

PowerMizzou has the latest on Montee Ball's recruiting.  Mizzou's in pretty good shape, plus he learned that he probably shouldn't wait till signing day to make a decision.

Okay, this is awesome.  Granted, I traveled free to a couple of NCAA tourney games, but that was only because I (ahem) knew the person organizing the trip.

I'm now officially old enough that players I remember watching and admiring in high school are now getting head coaching jobs.